Rasheed, Jhael

School: Albemarle High School

Future plans: She is attending PVCC in the Fall studying the Associate Degree of Liberal Arts. She will then get her Bachelor's Degree majoring in Animation.

Accomplishments: She was a first place recipient of the Writer's Eye Award in 2018 for her poetry, titled Bella Noche. She was one of the students who was invited to attend the Maker's Fair in NYC in 2017.

Extracurriculars: She was in the Anime club and the Dungeons and Dragons club in AHS. She was also active in bringing awareness in ethnic inequalities, diversity and mental illness in the school community. She was a member of the AHS Black Student Union and also was president in the LGBTQ club in AHS.

Favorite quote: Sucks to suck

Favorite memory: When she was 12 and she gave the kids of a homeless family a comic book that she just bought and a bag of Cheetos because she told us if their parents can't afford a home or food for them then they really can't afford to buy them comic books and Cheetos and every kid deserve a comic book and Cheetos.

Advice to future generations: Persevere. Times will get tough and that's a part of being a grown up but never give up. Once you stop trying the possibility reaching a goal ends. But if you persevere, opportunities will turn up when the least you expect it.

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