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Dear reader,It’s no secret we live in trying times. The COVID-19 outbreak has many of us worried, and for good reason. For the next few months, life will continue to change and take us, as a country and local community, to uncharted territory. For now, we face an uncertain future.And we will persevere. Because in times of crisis, we rely on those who step up and go the extra mile to help out. When we need them most, local heroes go above and beyond and help us defeat whatever is in front of us. They are our nurses and doctors. They are our law enforcement officers. It’s the couple down the street that checks in on their elderly neighbor every day. They are our teachers. It’s the postman. Yes, they are the local journalists that keep you informed every day. Heroes in time of need come in all shapes and sizes. We need our local heroes to get through tough times. And times are tough.Do you know a local hero who is making if big difference in your community? Celebrate your local heroes by writing your message below. We will be proud to print it in their honor. Supported in part by the University of Virginia.

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