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If you’ve had a few chilly or rainy days in a row, your pool might actually be too cold to enjoy. Take this DIY tip from @ashl3ighsw33t and use trash bags, pool noodles, and duct tape to quickly heat up the water.

The move will bring the university in line with a March executive order signed by Gov. Ralph Northam that requires state agencies, including colleges, to stop buying, selling and distributing single-use plastic and polystyrene containers, including plastic straws, water bottles and bottled water.

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This is a fun adventure/treasure hunting game where you have a map and use cardboard tiles to build a path to different “temples” on your boar…

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While you’re clearing cans from old home-improvement projects, toss out old materials from DIY projects. “Almost every garage in America has a flimsy aluminum paint tray coated in house paint, with a matching roller in a crumpled grocery bag,” Gordon says. “As homeowners, we like to think we’re going to get more than one use out of our paint brushes, trays and other DIY tools, but it’s more likely we’ll forget and buy these items again anyway. The only reason to save otherwise disposable DIY tools would be if you have a project in mind that you plan to tackle soon.”

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