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Content by Josh's Paving Inc.

Family-owned and operated, and established in 1982, Josh’s Paving Inc. has been serving the Waynesboro community, and beyond, with all their asphalt paving and driveway repair needs. Run by two brothers who’ve been in the business their entire lives, it’s safe to say Josh’s Paving is not your run-of-the-mill paving company. It’s more than that.

Our homes are our castles—our place of serenity from the noise of the outside world. However, homes require regular maintenance and sometimes …

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Electrical repairs and installations are at best expensive. Taking a little time to research and understand your electrical system can give you the necessary skills to do some electrical projects yourself.

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In a busy family bathroom nothing gets a harder workout than a bathroom fan. You can replace the guts of the fan, without tearing out the whole thing, when it becomes noisy and does a poor job of removing hot, damp air. The Fantech Bath Fan Conversion Kit Model BFRK100 is designed for do-it-yourselfers and lets you use the existing exhaust fan grill and housing, so there’s no ceiling repair work required. And the unit is Energy Star rated, meaning it’s more efficient than your old fan.

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The constant traffic up and down wooden stairs in a busy household makes for heavy wear and tear on them which can translate to different forms of abuse like a worn or dull finish, loose spindles or a wobbly baluster. The longer you ignore the warning signs the worse the damage can become so find a downtime when traffic is light to remedy the wrongs and make the repairs. The work can be divided into repairing the stairs and finishing the wood doing it in that order.

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This isn’t the kind of job where you can Google “how to install a garage door” and figure it out in an afternoon.

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The first time you start your furnace each season, it’s not uncommon to smell a dusty or musty odor as the system revs up. But if the smell continues, ask a professional to take a look. A burning odor means you should shut it off and call for help immediately. And if you smell gas, leave the home immediately and contact your fire department and gas company.

» A father-and-son team featuring a financial planner and an award-winning filmmaker has released "The Haunting of Bob Cratchit," a story of r…

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If you need to hire pros for essential home maintenance or repairs, see if they can tackle other projects at the same time. These projects may be additional repairs or improvements to enhance your health and wellbeing during your time at home.

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Have your roof and siding inspected and make any necessary repairs. Prevention could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Q: Tim, I read a previous column of yours in which you talked about repairing a shallow depression in a concrete surface using sand and Portland cement. My issue is I have a few shallow puddles in my blacktop driveway, and I know this ponding water will eventually create a far more serious issue. The normal patching products sold in bags will not work, as the depression is too shallow. I tried using it once and it all peeled up. How do you recommend creating a patch that stays put and matches the rest of the blacktop as closely as possible? I’m 78 years old and quite sure I can follow your directions. —Katie D., Laurel, Md.

In Mississippi it was a dog that was the culprit, and a fiber optic cable that was the victim — luckily for the dog, who could have become a victim himself if electricity had been involved. The cable connected an Amite County courthouse with a nearby court building.

While Shenandoah National Park has been closed during the COVID-19 crisis, it will reopen at the appropriate time and play its role in providing refuge for Virginians and tourists alike. But when the park reopens, its more than $88 million deferred maintenance backlog might turn off some visitors.

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