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State law regarding conflict of interest seeks to prevent doubts about fair play and misuse of power that can arise when public duties and private business interests are intermixed. Public officials often must negotiate a very narrow path to avoid conflict of interest — especially in smaller jurisdictions where work, public service and private life are inevitably intermingled.

Here’s a question for you: In 1950, would it have been possible for anyone to know all of the goods and services that we would have at our disposal 50 years later? For example, who would have thought that we’d have cell phones, Bluetooth technology, small powerful computers, LASIK and airplanes with 525 passengers?

It might not be popular in some quarters for Charlottesville tax pay-ers to foot the bill for Councilor Wes Bellamy's defense against a failed…

No matter where it happens — whether it’s city councils like those in Waynesboro and Staunton, or larger elected bodies such as the General Assembly or the U.S. Capitol — the abuse of the public’s trust by those who purportedly work for us is galling.

There’s been an important shift. Lobbyists in Virginia are spending less on high-end restaurant meals for public officials, reports The Associated Press. Public officials therefore are spending more. 

Before coming into office, Gov. Terry McAuliffe was a supporter of clean energy, and it was a key part of his platform. Unfortunately, during …

If a member of your family is killed, do you have a right to the police report? Most Virginians probably think the answer is obviously yes. In fact, it’s no.

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There’s a phrase that gets bandied about occasionally by public officials when asked by reporters for comment about a particular matter. It’s meant as a conversation stopper; a statement against which no reasonable person could or would argue because it is meant to convey a certainty, as steadfast and unassailable as a the gaze of the Sphinx.

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