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Just like technology and fashion, cleaning best practices and household cleaning products change over time — thank goodness, right? Fortunately, we’re not all still hand-washing every piece of laundry. That’s not to say some tried-and-true originals aren’t still gems but naturally, over time, our cleaning techniques and solutions have gotten safer and more efficient. So, once we know better, we can do better. Here are some antiquated cleaning rules you should feel free to break.

TikTok user @lovetheteachingmama uses this laundry hack to make folding less overwhelming, even when her anxiety and ADD used to make the task seem daunting. To tackle the chore, she puts everything into small piles according to type. Then she puts everything right side out before she folds or hangs.

Air-drying your laundry can extend the life of your delicates and it’s more environmentally friendly. But not everyone has room for a huge air-drying laundry rack. That’s where this hack using an old hanger from @5.minute.recycle comes in.

This column has been laying in the weeds of my head for months. Every now and then it pops its head up. Yesterday was one of those days, when once again my lovely wife had to get out of the car before I could pull it into the garage. Luckily it wasn’t pouring down rain.

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TikTok creator and DIYer @kimwhitestyle took on a quarantine-inspired project to add a compact washing machine to her under 300 square foot Brooklyn apartment. The tiny dryer is housed behind some curtains in her bathroom window. This genius hack means skipping the laundromat for good.

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TikTok user @madelynrideout tried laundry stripping in her bathtub using three simple ingredients: baking soda, borax, and powder laundry detergent. The result was a tub full of dirty grey water—but also clothing that smelled and looked cleaner and was free from deodorant build up.

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TikTok creator and ER nurse @MrsLaurenElms strips relatively clean whites (including sheets, towels, and a comforter) and gets similar results with this odor busting laundry stripping technique. She notes that the water is still grey despite the lack of dye from the fabric.

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Before you splurge on a new set of bath towels, try laundry stripping. TikTok user @cremebrole tried this trending laundry hack on her bath towels to reveal all the grime that had been hiding in the fibers before washing and drying like normal.

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