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TRUMP on his taxes: "They keep talking about $750, which I think is a filing fee. ... Tens of millions of dollars (in income taxes) I prepaid.…

There are three things to note about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's proposed wealth tax. The first is that it won't do what she promises. The second is that it won't happen. And the third is that both of those cavils are almost beside the point.

When the General Assembly meets in January, it should fully conform Virginia's tax system to the new federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but it should not stop there. It should also take immediate steps to reduce the tax increases that conforming the tax code will automatically create for many Virginia families and businesses.

What do you call a state that has$35.8 billion in assets, but $41.2billion of debt? You could call it broke. Or Virginia. The commonwealth's f…

If one wants to glimpse the end state American Progressivism seeks one must look to Left-coast California, where your humble narrator is visiting. California is peculiar. From the mid-1800s it was seen as a key part of America’s destiny; resource-rich, beautiful, strategically located, with a population that from the beginning was a mixture of local and exotic, the place fired the imagination.

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