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Emergency Room

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Your dog might be friendly, but that leashed dog approaching on the trail might not be. While that owner is following the rules, the approach of your unleashed dog may trigger the other animal, resulting in a negative experience and possible injury or death.

Emergency department visits have been increasing steadily for more than 20 years. Find out which states have the longest emergency department wait times. 

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Nursing facilities have failed to report thousands of serious cases of potential neglect and abuse of Medicare beneficiaries even though the federal government requires such reporting, says a watchdog report due out Wednesday that calls for a new focus on protecting frail patients.

The scene looks like something from a middle-of-the-night drug raid. Guns drawn, police officers in tactical vests surround a beige ranch house in an anonymous subdivision. With a single decisive kick, one busts down the door. "Come out with your hands up!" an officer yells, as a flashlight's blinding beams begin sweeping the room.

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That considered, two common summer injuries will likely need to be treated in an emergency room, doctors said: badly broken bones, or bones that look out of place, and long or deep wounds. (For very young kids, doctors advise parents call their pediatrician first, if possible. Even after hours, many offices do respond with guidance.)

A liberal-created failure that goes entirely ignored is the left’s harmful agenda for society’s most vulnerable people — the mentally ill. Eastern State Hospital, built in 1773 in Williamsburg, Virginia, was the first public hospital in America for the care and treatment of the mentally ill. Many more followed.

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While federal health officials several weeks ago hinted this year’s outbreak might be reaching its peak, infection rates still were rising as of late last week. The flu remained widespread in 48 states, including Nebraska and Iowa. Only one state — Oregon — reported an easing of flu from the week before.

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