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Appalachian Trail

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A: Better now. I have a good idea of how Mike Summers felt. It's an indescribable hike. I would see people, but this is literally a trail that nobody else was thru-hiking. On the AT [Appalachian Trail] and PCT [Pacific Crest Trail], you will most likely see people. So coming back was tough. The world out here is a lot more complicated. My partner, Flo, was very gracious and patient. I am very thankful. It's been good being back at work. I've been on small skis and small hikes, but my body is like, I just want you to rest for a second, and then we can get back out there and do aggressive things.

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With last week’s fatal attack on the Appalachian Trail, nearly one dozen people have died since 1974 at the hands of others along the popular footpath.

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Firefighting crews from multiple jurisdictions battled a series of rapidly expanding brush fires Sunday afternoon along Virginia 311 (Catawba Valley Drive) toward the crest of Catawba Mountain.

There was a moment back in August when Dale "Grey Beard" Sanders con-sidered giving up. In the middle of the 100-Mile Wilderness in Maine, far…

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