Voted best kids camp in this year’s Readers’ Choice contest, Triple C Camp has touched the lives of countless kids and their parents in its three decades. It’s a place where kids can explore, climb, build, learn, swim, dig, make music, learn important outdoor skills and make lifelong friends during summers they will never forget. “We do what we do for the kids and we have dedicated our lives to that,” owner and director of Triple C Camp Libby Rothenberg said. “We live to see the sparkle in kids’ eyes when they succeed. That’s why we do what we do.” Libby and her husband, who goes by the name “H,” bought Triple C Camp in 1999. Their daughter Eryn is also involved in the day-to-day operations of the camp. The site of what is now Triple C Camp has always been a camp in some shape or form. It started out in 1951 as a Baptist women’s retreat center through the diocese of Richmond. In the 1980’s the focus shifted to organizing summer camps. Every year, Rothenberg said, around 1,200 kids come through the camp. The facilities at the camp contain two swimming pools, a rope climbing course, horseback riding, archery, music, arts and drama. “Our amazing facilities help us make amazing human beings,” she said. During the busy summer months, the camp has about 70 people on staff, who come to Charlottesville from all over the world. All staff are trained before they can get to work. “We are a licensed child care provider by the State of Virginia and we make sure we exceed the expectations set for our staff,” Rothenberg said. “And we wouldn’t be able to do this work, if we didn’t have an amazing staff to help us. They are the key to our success.” During the many activities children undertake while at Triple C Camp, camp leaders convey the importance of communication, resilience and work on confidence building. “Building confidence with kids is very important,” Rothenberg said. “We believe that it’s important to try new things. It’s also important for kids to know it’s ok if it doesn’t work right away. And when it does, that’s when you see that sparkle, that sense of accomplishment.” Being voted Best Kids Camp in this year’s Readers’ Choice means a lot to Rothenberg. “It means that the community recognized that we provide a wonderful experience for their children and an acknowledgement that we have dedicated our lives to making that happen. That, to me, is wonderful and humbling.” Rothenberg is proud of the name the camp has built over the decades. “We now see parents who once came to the camp as 6-year olds, dropping off their own kids. That’s just wonderful to see, and it means that what we are a part of this community,” she said. “I don’t feel old at all, but in these moments, when I do the math, I realize we have been doing this for twenty years.” This year, the summer camps run from June 3rd through August 23rd. •