It's been a week of people on the internet complaining about syrup, of all things. I did a little research of my own.

The company that made Aunt Jemima syrup was looking for someone who looked like a “mammy” type. The mammy stereotype started on slave plantations.

To those of you who claim you never thought of it as a racist stereotype, that's fine; but you know now, and should stop claiming ignorance now.

To those of you who claim "If they change the name, I won't buy it," that’s also fine by me, because, honestly, you are losing the company money.

To those who think the name change is going to fix anything, OK. But I've been in a restaurant and heard a few people on different occasions call the black servers and cooks “Jemima.” Those employees wear name tags.

So unless the company that owns the “Aunt Jemina” brand wants to change the label and add something like “Now gives 5 cents per purchase to a college fund,” then I still won’t be buying it.

I know there are people who are tired of politics, but everything in your reach is there because of politics.

Sam Marie Flippo


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