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Opinion/Letter: Defeat tyranny before it spreads

Opinion/Letter: Defeat tyranny before it spreads

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It is always much easier to look back to determine how a country became a dictatorship versus seeing it happen as it slowly becomes one.

However, in his book “On Tyranny” Timothy Snyder provides a reliable road map on how a democratic country (our country) can find itself irreversibly heading down the pathway to tyranny.

One key landmark is the development of a paramilitary that mixes with the official police and armed services. Snyder says that when this happens, “the end has come.”

This step toward tyranny is generally justified by an emergency of some sort, such as the current protests around the country as a result of the killing of George Floyd and the ongoing protests or the tearing down of statues.

The unsolicited sending of federal “law enforcement” agents into Portland, Oregon, and the threat by the president to send more federal agents specifically to cities and states lead by elected Democratic mayors and governors is a step toward this critical landmark on the path to tyranny.

So, if we wish to remain a free people living in a democratic country, we need to oppose and resist this assault by the president. Our mayors and governors must not allow the mixing of federal forces with local police.

As has been the case in other countries, if we do not resist early, it will be too late to turn back the clock and our more than 200 years of freedom under the Constitution may become a footnote in history. It can happen here.

Barry Gold

Albemarle County

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