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Opinion/Editorial: Putting new spin on old love story

Opinion/Editorial: Putting new spin on old love story

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Bosnia Rotating House

Vojin Kusic stands in front of his rotating house in a town of Srbac, northern Bosnia. The house was designed and built to revolve full circle in order to satisfy his wife’s shifting desires as to what she should see when she looks out of the windows of their home.

“Love will turn you around,” Kenny Rogers sang.

A husband in Bosnia-Herzegovina turned that into a literal reality.

He built for his wife a revolving house.

Vojin Kusic explains that his wife, Ljubica, likes to have a changing view.

When they were married years ago and he built her a traditional house, she said she wanted their bedrooms to face the sun. So that’s how the interior was laid out.

Then, after a while, she complained that although she had the sun, she couldn’t see people coming up to their front door, which faced in a different direction.

So what did Kusic do?

Like any good hubby (or maybe not), he remodeled the house to suit her wishes.

“I had to tear down the wall between our two bedrooms to turn them into a living room and move all [electrical] installations,” he told The Associated Press. “It was a very demanding task; it took a lot from me. But I did what she wanted.”

They raised three children in that house.

Then, about six years ago, the last child still living at home got married — and the family decided to continue sharing the house: The son and his wife would live upstairs, and the elder Kusic and Ljubica would live on the ground floor.

But that meant remodeling the house again.

At that point, Kusic threw up his hands and devised an alternative.

At 72 years old, he would build a new house.

And…he would make it spin.

Kusic never had the chance to go to college, much less become an engineer. Still, he designed and completed the project, using electric motors and wheels from an old military vehicle.

“Now,” he joked, “our front door also rotates, so if she spots unwanted guests heading our way, she can spin the house and make them turn away.”

We’ve all heard the metaphor “the world revolves around you.”

The world doesn’t exactly revolve around Ljubica — but it sure looks like it does.

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