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    A panel of federal judges has granted Virginia’s request to dismiss a lawsuit seeking new House of Delegates elections this year after ruling the plaintiff in the case, Democratic lawyer Paul Goldman, lacked standing to bring the case.

    In 2022, everyone has either been vaccinated or has had omicron that  does not lessen the need for the new booster this fall. Omicron continues to evolve into new lineages with the BA.5 lineage is currently causing 90% of infections. Reinfections with BA.5 are happening as early as 28 days after an earlier omicron lineage infection. 

    The mussels being introduced to the river have been growing at Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery since 2019 where efforts have been made to enhance propagation methods. Project leader Rachel Mair has been working on those methods since 2008.

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ These Virginia lotteries were drawn Wednesday:


    Here are photos from last night's Cheney watch party, where the congresswoman told supporters that she had conceded to Harriet Hageman.

    After his second impeachment, former President Donald Trump made it his mission to defeat Rep. Liz Cheney, his chief Republican rival. On Tuesday, he succeeded.

    A key issue for several employees is that the draft ordinance does not include binding arbitration. They also want stronger procedures for discipline and filing grievances, including allowing employees to have a union representative present in disciplinary proceedings. 

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