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Recent Property Transfers in Charlottesville, Albemarle County

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This information is compiled from documents in the record rooms of the clerks of the circuit courts in Charlottesville and/or Albemarle County. The Daily Progress assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.



» Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. to Personette, David, Forrest View Condominiums - 803 Henry Ave., # 803, consideration $170,500, tax value not shown.

» Jarjour, Rim to Hull, Henry Montegut, 1800 Jefferson Park Ave., Unit 89, consideration $132,000, tax value $136,600.

» Walpole, Joseph R. and Walpole, Alexis J. to Giltner, Erin E. and Giltner, John W., lot 8R Lodge Creek subdivision - 129 Lodge Creek Circle, consideration $249,000, tax value $225,800.

» Grossman, Irina Orlova by her attorney-in-fact Grossman, Ilya to Kelly, Brian and Venus, Janet, lot 10 block B Idlewood subdivision - 1017 Glendale Road, consideration $345,500, tax value $269,700.

» Dirghangi, Carly fka Nicholson, Carly Suzanne to Hershberger, Andrew David and Hershberger, Ellie Spaulding, 1104 Cherry Ave., consideration $250,000, tax value $153,600.

» Soja, Amber J. aka Tebo-Whitley, Amber Jeanine and Hill, Bradley A. to Wilcox Family Properties LLC, 1638 Center Ave., consideration $244,585, tax value $240,700.

» Loft Realty and Investments LLC to Keefe, Mark P., lot 21 block D section two Woodhavyen subdivision - 605 Elizabeth Ave., consideration $314,000, tax value $314,000.

» Katcher, Daniel and Katcher, Cheryl C. to Colden, William J., Jr. and Colden, Christine M., trustees, 8-1-3A Walker Square Condominiums, consideration $280,000, tax value $268,400.


» Mueller, Frank A., Jr. and Mueller, Judith Maxon to Rives, Sterling Edwards IV, 503 Second St. SE, consideration $710,000, tax value $682,500.

» Price, Taryn Koch fka Price, Taryn H. to Edwards, Martin, lots 28 and 29 block 14 Carlton Addition - 1405 Vine St., consideration $248,000, tax value $192,500.

» Meyer, Aaron R. to Seitter, Kevin Paul, 1516 Cherry Ave., consideration $255,000, tax value $206,400.

» McClellan, Sarah, her one-half interest to McClallan, Ryan R., lot 7 block A section one Sylvania Hills subdivision, no consideration.

» Fall, John E. and Fall, Suzanne G. to Dalton, David N. and O’Connor, Deirdre T., lots 3 and 3A Rugby subdivision - 1637 Rugby Ave., consideration $595,000, tax value $464,376.


» City of Charlottesville to Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia, a deed vacating certain public rights of way known as Brandon Avenue and a portion of Monroe Lane / 15th Street in order to create a model Green Street Community, by deed of quit claim recorded at no consideration, tax value $539,000.

» Roberts, Mark A. and Roberts, Courtney T. to Roberts, Mark A., two parcels: lots 56 and 61 phase 5 Brookwood subdivision - 161 Brookwood Drive, no consideration.

» Turner, Amanda, her interest to Carr, Jane Thomas, 0.27 acre - 208 Lankford Ave., consideration $624.80, tax value $624.80 (same as portion of $156,200).

» Wolf, Stephen J. and Wolf, Chelsea T. to Rajagopalan, Pradeep and Umberger, Emily, lot 4 block 17 Locust Grove Investment Co.’s property - 712 Lexington Ave., consideration $1,100,000, tax value $870,100.

» Walling, Anne E., Zinner, Jochen G. and Walling, Paul D. to Pickard, John E. and Bloom, Megan E., lots 53, 54, 91 and 92 block 3 Monte Vista subdivision, consideration $500,000, tax value $405,100.

» Dort, David J. to Young, Karlina Dudley, 234 Hartmans Mill Road, consideration $185,000, tax value $111,600.


» Southern Property LLC to Manthe, Bruce and Manthe, Patricia J., 0.067-acre lot one Belmont Station, consideration $350,000, tax value $25,000.

» Klinker, Joanne Lewis Behrendt fka Kice, Joanne Lewis Behrendt and Gibson, Susan Michie Behrendt and Hamlett, Terry Lee Behrendt to Loft Realty and Investments LLC, lot no. 1 block E Westwood subdivision, consideration $400,000, tax value $440,100.

» Deane, Sherry S., Sillett, Thomas W., Sillett, Constance L. and Piotrowski, Brenda S. to Loft Realty and Investments LLC, lot two on Harris Street, consideration $230,000, tax value $207,700.

» Moir, David and Moir, Vanessa to Smith, Downing L., III and Smith, Gail Dohlen, trustees, lot 10 Highland Park subdivision, consideration $340,000, tax value $311,600.

» Ewing, Hugh J. and Ewing, Lucinda M. to Gomez, Diego A., lot 18 Rugby Woods subdivision - 1107 Wellford St., consideration $597,000, tax value $418,100.

» Szymanski, Christopher John to Nicholas, Abigail Marie and Nicholas, Kyle Martin, lot 9 Willoughby Townes – 117 Old Fifth Circle, consideration $261,450, tax value $248,000.

» Wasserstrom, Gretchen L. aka Brantley, Gretchen Wasserstrom and Brantley, Richard K., Jr. to Meliza, Chad Daniel and Meliza, Sivan, lot 8 block D section III Rutledge subdivision - 1614 King Mountain Road, consideration $620,775, tax value $406,800.


» Fitzgerald, Sheila M., Fitzgerald, Michael Todd, Jr., and Fitzgerald, Matthew Dylan to Fitzgerald, Sheila M., two lots on the north side of Belmont Avenue, lot 19 and lot 20 block 9 - 909 Belmont Ave., no consideration.

» Maricich, Yuri I. and Maricich, Bridgett to Moon, Christopher Michael and Moon, Ashley Virginia, lot 17 Quarry Road subdivision - 351 Quarry Road, consideration $301,640, tax value $299,600.

» Gazit, Dan and Gazit, Zulma to Dreyer, Peter Richard, lot 7 Rugby Heights subdivision - 112 Westwood Circle, consideration $317,500, tax value $270,100.

» Roberts, Mark A. to RH Property LLC, 161 and 171 Brookwood Drive, no consideration.

» Catlett, Margaret Stuart, executrix of Lucinda Hope Lally Estate to Martin, Lucinda Buxton and Martin, Jeffrey Dennis, lot D section one Rugby Hills subdivision - 1314 Wellford St., consideration $257,500, tax value $244,800.

» Wheeler, Jason L. and Wheeler, Marion C. to Webel, Alexander L. and Webel, Eleanor A., 902 Rosser Lane, consideration $785,000, tax value $696,300.


» Brown, Stephen C. and Climer, Lisa C. to Paushter, Stephen L. and Tourtual, Dorothy M., lot 3 block 12 section 7 Greenbrier subdivision - 2412 Brook Road, consideration $420,000, tax value $378,400.

» Farley, Matthew David and Farley, Anne Marie Nicpon to Scott, Thomas Gabriel William, revised lot 8 McGinnis Row subdivision, consideration $340,000, tax value $286,500.

» Toscano, David J., successor trustee to Josey, Paul B. and Josey, Laura A., 2627 Jefferson Park Circle, consideration $447,000, tax value $444,800.

» Brezinski LLC to Southern Belle Rehab LLC, a portion of lots 347, 348, 349 and 350 Locust Grove Extension subdivision, consideration $295,000, tax value $298,800.

» Lee, Chang Soon and Won, Mi Kyung to Torres, Alejandro Gomez, lot A16 Cherry Hill subdivision, consideration $480,000, tax value $439,700.



» Echelon Homes LLC to Oettinger, Marc P. and Oettinger, Stephany L., lot 7 phase 1-A Lochlyn Hill subdivision - 904 Lochlyn Hill Lane, consideration $561,682, tax value $135,000.

» Pryor, Emma W. to Pryor, Charles A., 8.01 acres parcel A2 located on Simmons Gap Road, gift.

» Pryor, Emma W. to Pryor, Charles A., 6.03 acres parcel A3 located on Simmons Gap Road, gift.

» Glenmore Country Club LLC to Virginia Club Holdings LLC, 6.107 acres, tracts 1-8 inclusive, consideration $4,768,000, tax value $9,693,900.

» NVR Inc. to Dempsey, Merry, lot 28 block 5 phase 2 Cascadia subdivision - 828 Oval Park Lane, consideration $353,507, tax value $353,200.

» Wolfe, James W. and Wolfe, Deborah H. to Harrell, Charlotte, 0.235 acre lot 46 Ballard Field Old Trail subdivision - 5077 Brook View Road, Crozet, consideration $639,900, tax value $622,400.

» Brooks, Ruth to Brooks, Edward R. and Brooks, Traci S., 0.871 acre - 6921 Porters Road, Esmont, gift.

» Federal National Mortgage Association to Murcielago LLC, 6.246 acres - 185 Broomfield Lane, Scottsville, consideration $125,000, tax value $284,700.

» Piedmont Neighborhoods LP to Egorov, Sergei A., lot 10 phase 2 Avinity subdivision - 2724 Avinity Lane, consideration $289,723, tax value $75,000.

» Webster, Scott S. and Webster, Catharine to Barger, Kendall S., lot 2 block C section two Sherwood Manor, consideration $179,000, tax value $151,100.

» Chen, Jie and Wang, Yi to Kiernan, Jeremy J. and Kiernan, Sophia R., lot 35 Village Homes II subdivision - 1313 Stony Ridge Road, consideration $324,000, tax value $299,200.

» Truccolo, Robert T. to Fleming, Mark A., II, Condominiums at RiverBend - 300 Riverbend Drive, Apt. 1-C, consideration $154,000, tax value $141,300.

» Knight, John H., Jr. to Gloeckner, Kara M., lot 3 block HH Four Seasons - 1512 Lake Forest Drive, consideration $350,000, tax value $284,100.

» Murcielago LLC to White, Mark G., 21 acre lot 21-A phase 2 The Farms at Turkey Run - 0 Thomas Ridge Lane, consideration $400,000, tax value $202,500.

» Fay, Kevin J. and Fay, Sharon C. to Burns, James E. and Burns, Elizabeth C., lot 16 section T2 phase 2 Glenmore subdivision - 3380 Darby Road, Keswick, consideration $595,000, tax value $590,300.

» NBR Inc. to Christopher, Noguera and Ashley, Noguera, lot 120 phase 4 Briarwood subdivision - 4435 Sunset Drive, consideration $373,395, tax value $120,000 land only.

» Oshiba, Edward E. and Oshiba, Helen K. to Johnson, Troy R. and Johnson, Kathleen A., condominium unit 142-138 Parkside Village at Eagle’s Landing, consideration $142,000, tax value $128,000.

» Craig Enterprises Inc. to Jones, Marieke Kester and Jones, Linwood Keith, lot 52 phase IIA Wintergreen Farm subdivision - 610 Bleeker St., consideration $708,450, tax value $150,000.


» Wagner, Paul D. to Deshang Investments, condominium unit 195-302 Parkside Village at Eagle’s Landing, tax value $128,000, consideration $138,000.

» Swingle, Carolyn D. and Arendall, Donna D. to Chapman, Mary Rebecca, 2.927 acres parcel A lot 27B Reas Ford Road, Earlysville by deed of correction and bargain and sale, consideration $105,000, tax value $100,000.

» Barnett, Eve W. to Garrison, Mary Sue, 1.435 acres - 61 James River Road, Scottsville, consideration $304,500, tax value $392,400.

» Franzen, Michael D. to Daniel, Gregory A. and Daniel, Ellen B., lot 12 block 3C Old Trail Village - 357 Claremont Lane, Crozet, “consideration and actual value” $420,000, tax value $416,600.

» Behfar, Alex and Behfar, Kristin to Flick, Paul E. and Flick, Elizabeth S., 0.806 acre revised lot 69-A section P2B Glenmore subdivision - 1256 Thistledown, Keswick, consideration $1,200,000, tax value $1,085,700.

» Sweet, Palmer C. and Sweet, Judith M. to Hudson, Michael W., Jr., three parcels: two acres parcel 1, 0.24 acre parcel 2 and 0.48 acre parcel 3 - 4087 Monacan Trail, North Garden, consideration $260,000, tax value $289,600.

» Tull, Robert L. and Hairston, Catrina L. to Comp, Roy Daniel IV and Comp, Caitlin, lot 138 phase II Abington Place subdivision - 2733 Aldersgate Way, consideration $273,300, tax value $262,900.

» Sadler, Stuart R. and Sadler, Lauren B. to Everton, Andrew J. and O’Halloran, Maureen R., lot 26 West Leigh subdivision - 2110 Devonshire Road, consideration $450,000, tax value $489,700.

» Nenad, Amanovic to Cash, Debra K. and Koch, Lauren A., Solomon Court Condominiums 2527 Hydraulic Road, Unit 33, consideration $80,000, tax value $85,000.

» Roberts, Mark A. to RH Property LLC, six parcels: (1) lot 22 block I phase I Wickham Pond subdivision, 1718 Painted Sky Terrace, (2) lot 21 block I phase I Wickham Pond subdivision, 1716 Painted Sky Terrace, (3) lot 27 block C5 Laurel Park subdivision, 3555 Grand Forks Boulevard, (4) lot 4 block C5 Laurel Park subdivision, 3525 Grand Forks Boulevard, (5) 0.62 acre lot 6 phase II The Pavilions at Pantops, 2153 Saranac Court and (6) 0.62 acre lot three phase II The Pavilions at Pantops, 2161 Saranac Court, gift.

» Mawyer, Kermit W., Jr. to Mawyer, Michael D., 2.562 acres near Route 614, Faber (total acreage is 107 acres with the balance in Nelson County), gift.

» Equity Trustees LLC to Acgtblu, Phaedrus, lot 10 Blue Ridge Acres subdivision - 174 Tanyard Path, consideration $125,000, tax value $185,300.

» Acgtblu, Phaedrus to Salvaged Assets LLC, lot 10 Blue Ridge Acres subdivision - 174 Tanyard Path, gift.

» Nelms, John A., substitute trustee to Cosner, E. Grant and Cosner, Barbara H., lot 8 block E section 3 Hessian Hills subdivision - 2408 Angus Road, consideration $335,000, tax value $376,600.

» Love, Lois J. to Pickett, Carmelita N., lot 22 phase I Dunlora Forest subdivision - 1605 Sawgrass Court, consideration $443,000, tax value $379,700.


» Piedmont Neighborhoods LP to Helsley, Christopher Caleb and McQuiggan, Jacob Colby, lot 11 phase 2 Avinity subdivision - 2722 Avinity Lane, consideration $354,326, tax value $75,000.

» Selvaraj, Pugazhenthi and Henry, Sheela to Sy, Mamadou M., lot 4 block S Four Seasons PUD Townhouse section - 14 Woodlake Drive, consideration $185,000, tax value $131,000.

» Hawkins, Ellen to Waters, Emily Thomas and Waters, Rustin Cetchum, lot 4 block A section 2 Northfields subdivision - 2414 Huntington Road, consideration $279,900, tax value $275,300.

» Dudley, Jeffrey L. to Prince, Daniel J. and Prince, Cristina M., 2.28 acres lot 3 - 2238 Secretarys Road, Scottsville, consideration $29,900, tax value $45,900.

» NVR Inc. to Peck, Kelsey and Noble, Luke, lot 114 block 7 phase 4 Cascadia subdivision - 1509 Delphi Lane, consideration $348,405, $75,000 land only.

» Cascadia Development to NVR Inc., lot 67 block 6 phase 3 Cascadia subdivision, consideration $132,613, tax value $150,000.

» Piedmont Neighborhoods LP to Monroe, James G. and Monroe, Kimberly M., lot 63 phase B2 Whittington subdivision - 1779 Warbler Way, consideration $789,227, tax value $220,000.

» SM Charlottesville LLC to Hart, Larry F. and Hart, Lucinda L., lot 56 phase II Westlake Hills subdivision - 756 Concho Lane, Crozet, consideration $670,171, tax value $180,000.

» Woodbriar Associates to NVR Inc., lot 121 phase 4 Woodbriar subdivision, consideration $129,513, tax value $120,000.

» Myers, Edward J. to Page, Matthew T. and Beal, Alexa W., lot 3 block A The Pines subdivision - 109 Buck Mountain Road, Earlysville, consideration $241,000, tax value $222,200.

» Southern Classic Inc. to Gorman, Ellen J., 0.48 acre lot 2 Foxchase Landing subdivision - 863 Carlyle Place, consideration $781,756, tax value $200,000.

» Baylin, Ezra B. and Baylin, Bridget A. to Cohen, Adam N. and Cohen, Jeannette L., 2.004 acres lot 8 Old Ballard Farm subdivision, consideration $990,000, tax value $1,049,000.

» Towne District LLC to Southern Property LLC, lots 164 and 165 block 2 phase I Cascadia subdivision, consideration $256,500, tax value $300,000.

» Grace, Derrick W. and Grace, Laura A. to Guerrero, J’riah F. and Guerrero, Kerry E., lot 59 phase 4 Raintree subdivision - 1680 Farmbrook Place, consideration $388,000, tax value $382,400.

» Russell, Koren H. to Romfh, Edward R., an undivided one-half interest and to Romfh, Jules, Jr. and Romfh, Elizabeth R., an undivided one-half interest, lot 35 section three Willoughby subdivision - 111 Pepper Place, consideration $165,000, tax value $146,200.

» Hillier, Gerald and Hillier, Kim M. to Calabrese, Nicholas Franeseco and Calabrese, Kristen Combs, consideration $425,000, tax value $393,200.

» Southern Property LLC to Healey, Nancy Spodick, lot 190 block 2 phase II Cascadia subdivision - 1820 Marietta Drive, consideration $449,928, tax value $196,400.

» Chen, Kearby D. to Waller, Dennis, Unit 2659-03 Barracks West Condominium - 485 Burgoyne Road, # 3, consideration $105,000, tax value $64,400.

» Rao, Ramu M. to Planas, Gabriel Enrique, lot 5 phase 2 Village Square subdivision - 1069 Towne Lane, consideration $225,500, tax value $209,500.

» Humphrey, Sarah D., sole acting trustee to Kimball, Robert S. and Mantalos, Shirley A., lot 1 block T Townhouse section Gateway Village Townhomes Forest Lakes subdivision - 3201 Gateway Circle, consideration $195,000, tax value $213,000.

» Core Bundoran LLC to Grabb, Paul A. and Grabb, Brenda C., 21.093 acres lot H-6 Bundoran Farm, consideration $445,000, tax value $565,300.

» Flester, Andrew E. and Flester, Joan B. to Pratt, Lise M., Burke, Marcia P. and Burke, James E. as equal tenants, 38.23 acres - 7139 Wildon Grove Road, consideration $875,000, tax value $750,800.


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