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Recent Property Transfers in Charlottesville, Albemarle County

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This information is compiled from documents in the record rooms of the clerks of the circuit courts in Charlottesville and/or Albemarle County. The Daily Progress assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.



» Couvillon, Kevin Michael and Couvillon, Katherine A. to Faires, Stephanie Ann, a 50 percent undivided interest, and to Faires, Mary Lou and Faires, Jack Eugene, a 50 percent undivided interest in lot 23 block A addition 2 section III Woodhayven subdivision, consideration $270,000, tax value $240,600.

» Colombo, Adam T. and Colombo, Jamie N. to Feinerman, Bennett, lot 70 phase 5 Brookwood subdivision - 143 Brookwood Drive, consideration $276,000, tax value $268,700.

» Heath, Lynn T. to Inlow, Robert J., lot 19 block 8 section 3 Greenbrier subdivision - 2103 Tarleton Drive, consideration $380,000, tax value $284,700.

» Hill, Aaron S. to Kenny, Danielle Amaris and Kenny, Mariah Amaris, Unit 812 Condominiums at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, consideration $219,000, tax value $179,000.

» Norling, Peer R. and Norling, Margaret Foster to Colvin, Hugh F., Jr. and Colvin, Tisha S., 1107 Herndon Road, consideration $865,000, tax value $574,600.

» Loft Realty Investments LLC to Vande Pol, Caitlin Marie and Nofziger, Derek Eli Randolph, lot 31 Maury Hill subdivision - 2511 Westerly Ave., consideration $392,000, tax value $183,400.

» French, Brent Arthur and Frence, Eileen Denney to Usher, Joseph Paul and Cayo, Cotter Kira Leigh, lot 7 block 23 Carlton Road - 1702 Monticello Road, consideration $335,000, tax value $216,900.

» Olenczak, Jonathon Bryce and Olenczak, Barbara to Doran, Ian T. and Doran, Lauren M., lot No. 2 block D Idlewood subdivision - 1019 Cottonwood Road, consideration $386,000, tax value $331,600.

» Powell, Angelika Schmiegelow to Eisenstadt, Elizabeth Corinne, Unit 17 building 3 Randolph Condominium, consideration $367,500, tax value $338,000.

» Lochlyn Development Group LLC to Arcadia Builders Inc., lot 69 phase II Lochlyn Hill subdivision, consideration $136,675, tax value $140,000.

» Thomson, James W. and Demuynck, Marie Anne to Honeychurch, Ronson Palani, Unit 770-1B Walker Square Condominiums, consideration $205,000, tax value $188,400.

» Horton, Juanita M. to Ralston, E. Randall and Ralston, John S., trustees, lot A - 1202 Little High St., consideration $300,000, tax value $330,900.

» Boggs, Michael Tyree II, trustee to Nesbitt, Graham R., 246 Monte Vista Ave., consideration $409,000, tax value $197,400.

» Betterment LLC to Feiner, Arthur, Feiner, Benjamin and Roell, Katurah, lot 72-B section II Meadowbrook Hills subdivision - 2025 Spottswood Road, consideration $1,100,000, tax value $935,700.


» Mason, Brian S. and Rosen, Rachel A. to Norris, Chloe Marie, lot D section one Frank Ix and Sons Addition - 600 Elliott Ave., consideration $233,000, tax value $181,200.

» Thompson, Claudette M. to Harding, Elliott M. and McCafferty, Elaine D., lot 17 block D Woodhayven subdivision - 608 Elizabeth Ave., consideration $225,000, tax value $222,300.

» Stewart, Cooper W. and Bradford, Louisa T. to Stewart, Cooper W., Unit 402 Gleason Condominium, consideration $250,000, tax value $509,800.

» Lanterman, Jeffrey D. and Lanterman, Susan M. to Georgias Friends Inc., 0.235-acre - 405 Ridge St., consideration $815,000, tax value $343,100.

» Dickerson, Aubrey Denny to Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries Inc., 780 Prospect Ave., consideration $205,000, tax value $214,300.

» Marks, Richard G. and Marks, Walapa to Kindler, Rebecca Ashby, lot 5 block B Frank Ix Addition, consideration $255,000, tax value $216,800.

» Haugh, Lair D. and Smith, Charles H., III, co-trustees to West, Jennifer D., lot 14R block D section one Orangedale subdivision - 939 Rock Creek Road, consideration $180,790, tax value $135,600.

» Bacher, M. Frederica, trustee to Welch, Cameron R., lots 8 and 9 block L River Vista subdivision - 1214 Belleview Ave., consideration $320,000, tax value $312,100.

» Thomas, Dorothy T. fka Toney, Dorothy B. to Thomas, Dorothy T. and Thomas, Stanley J., lot 20L block D Orangedale subdivision, gift.

» Bayes, William R. and Bayes, Virginia R. to Krumpen, Robert P., III, 1314 Poplar St., consideration $425,200, tax value $260,300.

» Giannini, Michael V to Hunphreys, Hayes and Humphreys, Jessica, lot 18 block 3 Maury’s Addition - 110 Montpelier St., consideration $305,000, tax value $257,100.

» Lamb, Katherine A. to Hester, Wesley P., lot 15 block H section 6 Greenbrier subdivision - 2217 Greenbrier Drive, consideration $349,000, tax value $298,400.

» R.L. Beyer Construction Inc. to Ertl, John Mathias and Gyamfi, Nana Serwa, lot 38 phase I Huntley subdivision - 313 Huntley Ave., consideration $474,500, tax value $84,000.

» Hankster Properties LLC to Cruz, Katz Spencer J. and Wilson, Monique D., lot 3A block A Baylor subdivision - 808 Raymond Road, consideration $395,000, tax value $183,000.




» NVR Inc. to Kwon, Jae Hyun and Kwon, Tiffany A., lot 78 block 6 phase 2 Cascadia subdivision - 1413 Delphi Lane, consideration $566,731, tax value $150,000.

» Stone, Alexander and Arbuthnott, Katheryn Ann to Genchi, Fred M. and Genchi, Sylvia Lynn, 2,43 acres lot A, a division of the Cornwell property in Esmont, by deed of quit claim, consideration $10, “assessed / actual value” $21,500.

» Cascadia Development LLC to NVR Inc., lot 16 block 5 phase I Cascadia subdivision, consideration $132,613, tax value $150,000.

» Alston, Dana C. and Alston, Carrie H. to Kerrigan, Jason and Kerrigan, Erika, lot 86 phase two Still Meadow subdivision - 1269 Still Meadow Ave., consideration $559,000, tax value $455,300.

» Roberts, Patricia, managing member of Piedmont Lodge LLC to Claddagh Holdings LLC, two tracts: 0.25-acre and 0.22-acre at Route 231 and Route 600 Stony Point Pass, consideration $10, tax value $3,900.

» Johnson, John A. and Johnson, Deirdre M. to Trapp, Patrick E. and Trapp, Lenora, two parcels: 3.94 acres revised lot 1B and 2.99 acres revised lot 2B-1 - 4912 Scottsville Road, consideration $865,000, tax value $814,600.

» Leemis, Lindsey K. to Wellemeyer, Jonathan J. and Mahaney, Meghan E., lot 90 phase I Avinity subdivision - 2311 Avinity Court, consideration $375,000, tax value $343,100.

» Brown, Harlan J. to Brown, Harlan J. and Brown, Christina L., 0.198 acre lot 115 Ballard Field section of Old Trail subdivision - 8160 West End Drive, Crozet, by deed of quit claim recorded at no consideration, tax value $477,800.

» Metz, Joshua L. and Metz, Tracy L. to Woods, Tracy Lee, lot 63 phase 8 Raintree subdivision - 1203 Raintree Drive, pursuant to property settlement agreement, consideration $50,000.

» Piedmont Neighborhoods LP to Wentworth, Brian J. and Wentworth, Danielle S., lot 5 Stonewater subdivision - 1239 Penfield Lane, consideration $447,650, tax value $130,000.

» Parker, Eugene B. and Parker, Ellen K. to Zavertnik, Pauline Anne and Young, Neal D., 3.45 acres lot 8 Owensfield subdivision - 1764 Owensfield Drive, consideration $805,000, tax value $856,200.

» Guterbock, Thomas M. and Marcopulos, Bernie A. to Bousquet, Christina Beth, lot 40 phase 4B Western Ridge subdivision - 951 Fairwinds Lane, Crozet, consideration $424,900, tax value $424,700.

» Cook, Kathryn A. to Sawyer, Richard K. and Sawyer, Keegan, lot 105 phase 48 Fontana subdivision - 1973 Via Florence Road, consideration $558,000, tax value $577,000.

» Johnson, Raylon P. to Deltchev, Bojidar D., lot 40 phase 11 Briarwood subdivision - 4621 Heather Court, consideration $182,000, tax value $148,600.

» Peters, Robert Daniel and Peters, Melissa Renee Cannon to Silly Dog LLC, lot 8 block D section 2 Sherwood Manor - 130 Scarborough Place, consideration $200,000, tax value $176,400.

» Bennington, Samantha, trustee to Johnson, John A. and Johnson, Didre M., five acres lot 8 Villa D’este subdivision - 388 Villa D’este Court, consideration $975,000, tax value $885,800.

» Childress, Edward H. to Robbins, Christopher M. and Robbins, Michelle M., 34.037 acres fronting on Route 729 - 3272 Buck Island Road, consideration $509,000, tax value $256,300.


» Flora, Charlie R., Sr. to Groves, Dustin and Groves, Aislinn, lot 16 block A Section one Bellair - 32 Canterbury Road, consideration $710,000, tax value $606,800.

» Digiacomo, Alexander J. to Axford, Laura A. and Axford, Mason M., 0.26- acre lot 115 phase 2 section six Mill Creek subdivision - 318 Whispering Oaks Drive, consideration $324,000, tax value $283,700.

» Winkler, Matthew P. and Winkler, Helen G. to Williams, Brian N. and Williams, Carla G., 0.463-acre lot 21 phase I Old Trail Creekside - 6920 Windmere Lane, Crozet, consideration $1,050,000, tax value $891,200.

» Southern Property LLC to Swindler, Richard R. and Swindler, Patsy L., lot 179 block 2 phase II Cascadia subdivision - 1819 Marietta Drive, consideration $512,746, tax value $150,000.

» Kent, John Albert, Jr. and Howell, Peggy Anne to Grandma Tina’s Properties LLC, 0.796-acre lot one at the intersection of Route 6 and Route 726, Scottsville, consideration $150,000, tax value $126,200.

» NVR Inc. to Kapral, Andrew T. and Kapral, Nicole M., lot 27 phase 6 Briarwood subdivision - 4477 Sunset Drive, consideration $383,824, tax value $120,000.

» Cascadia Development to NVR Inc., lots 107-112 block 7 phase 4 Cascadia subdivision, consideration $515,100, tax value $465,000.

» Shaw, Katharina to Jinaphan, Somsak and Praphamontripong, Upsorn, lot 15 phase 3 Neighborhood Springridge at Forest Lakes subdivision - 3209 Turnberry Circle, consideration $380,000, tax value $358,800.

» Chan, Wai Hang to Chang, Wai Han and Chan, Roger Steven, 2527 Hydraulic Road, # 28, gift.

» Nielsen, Peter D. to Pearson, H. Curtis, Jr. and Catlett, Jefferson M., 39.24 acres lot 8 on Blenheim Road in Murphy’s Creek Farm subdivision, Scottsville, consideration $125,000, tax value $242,600.

» Magnell, Eric Daniel and Magnell, Stephanie Bettina to Sheets, William J. and Sheets, Catherine J., lot one Squirrel Ridge subdivision - 300 Squirrel Path, consideration $350,000, tax value $339,600.

» Pollock, Eugene E., trustee to Brooks, Candler P. and Brooks, Susan H., lots 9 and 10 section B Ednam subdivision - 1119 Marion Drive, consideration $1,100,000, tax value $892,000.

» Driskill, Mary E. to Watkins, Craig A. and Watkins, Anne P., 3.428 acres - 3339 Garth Road, consideration $600000, tax value $328,900.

» Johnson, Sheryl L. and Segebarth, David C. to Thompson, Tina M., lot 242 section II phase VI Ashcroft subdivision - 1781 Locust Shade Lane, consideration $607,000, tax value $628,900.

» SM Charlottesville LLC to Mohi, Golam and Mohi, Farzana, lot 2 Chesterfield Landing subdivision - 5511 Watervale Drive, Crozet, consideration $575,484, tax value $130,000.

» Duke, Nicholas R. and Bloemers, Gardner L. to Guidone, Lori E., 1.631 acres - 6486 Hillsboro Lane, Crozet, consideration $635,000, tax value $395,600.


» Cohn, Steven M. and Buzan, Jenny M. to Amago, Samuel and Keenan-Amago, Amy K., 3.426 acres lot 2 - 3300 Coleman Drive, consideration $516,000, tax value $487,800.

» Rubenoff, Sarah L. to Rubenoff, Sarah L. and Rubenoff, Richard H., 2.03 acres - 610 Appleberry Mountain Road, North Garden, gift.

» Arapovic, Igor and Arapovic, Sanja to Sikman, Jadranko and Rio Road Holdings LLC, lot 5 block W section XII Stonehenge subdivision - 972 Sutton Court, consideration $175,000, tax value $171,800.

» McGarey, Patrick O. to Chester, M. Kristen, 0.444-acre lot 6 section one phase one Mill Creek subdivision - 1275 Copperstone Drive, consideration $337,500, tax value $307,800.

» Regal, Wendy R. to Michaelson, John O. and Michaelson, Susan J., lot 96 phase 1 Hyland Ridge subdivision - 684 Fontana Drive, consideration $820,000, tax value $623,800.

» Gonzalez, Frank R. and Gonzalez, Lila C. to Richard, Adam B. and Richard, Catherine E., lot 68 phase 4 Raintree subdivision - 1060 Ramblewood Place, consideration $389,900, tax value $358,600.

» SM Charlottesville LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., lots 28 and 34 phase I Wintergreen Farm subdivision, consideration $397,723, tax value $300,000.

» SM Charlottesville LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., lot 70 phase II Westlake Hills subdivision, consideration $195,000, tax value $180,000.

» Swofford, James, sole heir of Bauler, Ginger, deceased, to Brown, Kyler and Brown, Erinn, lot 15 phase I Village Square - 691 Victoria Court, consideration $292,000, tax value $276,300.

» Towne District LLC to Southern Property LLC, lots 211 and 212 block 2 phase III Cascadia subdivision, consideration $257,500, tax value $300,000.

» East Village LLC to Southern Property LLC, 0.204-acre lot 7 block 30 East Village Old Trail subdivision, consideration $209,120, tax value $145,000.

» Ortengren, Jason and Ortengren, Sabrina to Driscoll, David L. and Driscoll, Elizabeth M., 2.245 acres lot 2 - 2075 Buck Mountain Road, Free Union, consideration $699,000, tax value $599,500.


» Riner, William E., Jr. and Riner, Gary W. to Staton, Evelyn E., two acres - 1293 Durrett Ridge Road, Earlysville, by deed of partition recorded at no consideration, tax value $95,700.

» Abell, Allison to Zhao, Yuchen, lot five Village Homes III at Mill Creek subdivision - 1679 Royal Oak Court, consideration $235,000, tax value $221,500.

» Stapleton, Catherine L. to Stapleton, Simon J., Sachem Village - 1411 Sachem Place, Unit 2, by deed of quit claim recorded at no consideration.

» Angel Dreamers LLC to GS BW Units LLC, Barracks West Condominiums - 485 Burgoyne Road, # 6, consideration $149,000, tax value $135,000.

» Hudson, Helen L. to Turner, Gary B., 2 1/2 acres - 2441 Irish Road, Esmont, consideration and tax value $149,900.

» Brown, Paula Lyn aka Steedly, Paula Lynn Brown to Shafer, Evan S. and Appleman, Amy C., lot 22 Stony Point Hills subdivision - 3592 Doctors Crossing, consideration $239,900, tax value $172,300.

» Mink, Scott M. to Langston, Chad M. and Ingram, Beverly K., lot 39 block E Avon Park subdivision - 1956 Tudor Court, consideration $280,000, tax value $253,400.

» Lewis, Jacqueline C. to Dodson, Brenda, lot 19 block A section 3 Westmoreland subdivision - 503 Westmoreland Court, consideration $299,000, tax value $260,700.

» Craig Enterprises Inc. to Brackney-Wheelock, Raschall Marie and Wheelock, Stefan Michael, lot 148 block 2 phase I Cascadia subdivision - 1405 Terrace Lane, consideration $455,000, tax value $422,700.

» Cox, James P., III, trustee John B. Fiery Trust Agreement and the Fiery Farm to Virginia Farm, The LLC, 134.98 acres in six parcels in Albemarle and Greene counties, consideration $2,810,000, tax value $2,687,800 as follows: jurisdiction Albemarle $2,422,600 90 percent, allocation of purchase price $2,529,000; jurisdiction Greene $265,200 10 percent allocation of purchase price $2,810,000.

» Todd, Patrick S. to Virginia Farm, The LLC, portions of the foregoing parcels that are under easement to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, no consideration.

» Pickard, John E. and Bloom, Megan E. to Stover, Jessica Boekell and Nathanson, Ari M., 7461 Greenwood Station Road, Greenwood, consideration $315,000, tax value $226,900.

» Myers, McKenzie Eugene to Zaka, Samy, Unit 717 in Villas at Southern Ridge Condominiums - 1234E Villa Lane, consideration $138,500, tax value $116,300.

» Judson-Ebbets, Mark A. and Judson-Ebbets, Deborah H. to Muniz, Jessie Audette and Vianna, Agenor, lot 3 block B sheet one section one Key West subdivision - 327 Key West Drive, consideration $399,900, tax value $321,100.

» Miller, Donald C. and Miller, Judith E., trustees to Meuchner, John C. and Dubach, Michele D., co-trustees, 5.96 acres lot 1 Hidden Forest subdivision - 205 Forestvue Drive, Earlysville, consideration $625,000, tax value $614,200.

» Holsinger, Sarah L. to Miller, Luke Currie, lot 16 phase 2A Redfields - 1093 Wintergreen Lane, consideration $400,000, tax value $334,000.

» Keese, Stephen Alexander and Keese, Carol P. to Park, Gisoo and Choi, Eunsii, lot 4 block 3B Old Trail subdivision - 1238 Old Trail Drive, Crozet, consideration $358,000, tax value $324,700.

» Craig Enterprises Inc. to Abbate, Joseph G. and Carew, Colleen, lot 38 phase IV Foothill Crossing subdivision - 5434 Leon Lane, Crozet, consideration $640,305, tax value $175,000.

» Evergreen Home Builders to Guterbock, Thomas M. and Marcopulos, Bernice A., lot 11 phase 3 Foothill Crossing subdivision - 944 Park Ridge Drive, Crozet, consideration $660,000, tax value $685,000.

» Wright, Kristopher G. and Wright, Heather S. to Williams, James R. and Williams, Diana K., lot 16 section 1C Highlands at Mechum’s River - 1245 Clover Ridge Place, consideration $274,900, tax value $264,200.

» Lilley, Deanine M., executor estate of Patricia A. Dolan, to Lilly, Deaninie M. and Dolan, Daniel J., lot 65 phase III Briarwood subdivision, gift.


» Colle, Steven J. and Colle, Kathleen B. to Markee, Jennifer P. and Markee, Timothy S., lot 28 block A phase III Fieldbrook subdivision - 1821 Hearthglow Lane, consideration $445,000, tax value $401,400.

» Goodloe, Alwyn Earle and Tennant, Mary Goodloe et als to Edelberg, Zachary August and Edelberg, Tara Ann Eleanor, part of 70.95 acres located on Route 645 and Route 608, Rivanna District, consideration $347,000, tax value $904,700.

» Peak Builders LLC to Kline, M., lot 2 block 16 Old Trail - 741 Highgate Row, Crozet, consideration $634,298, tax value $145,000.

» Boone, Paul to Augustine, Cecilia, lot 14 section one Stonehenge subdivision - 1056 Cheshire Court, consideration $186,000, tax value $195,900.

» Grady’s Six LLC to von Reichbauer, William H., lot 2 block I Clifden Greene section 5 RiverRun subdivision - 1285 Clifden Greene, consideration $239,000, tax value $224,800.

» Rexrode, Barbara A. to Hipple, Sarah N., lot 3 block E Merion Greene section one RiverRun subdivision - 748 Merion Greene, consideration $195,000, tax value $191,400.

» Mulligan, Leslie and Mulligan, Christine to Grimes, Julianne C., lot 12B Forest Ridge subdivision - 3369 Moubry Lane, consideration $277,500, tax value $277,300.

» Schmitt, Paul James to Bell, Jessica Lee, building 5 phase I Woodlands of Charlottesville -1855 Candlewood Court, #207, consideration $213,000, tax value $192,400.

» Liu, Ton and Sun, Zhao to Newland, Andrew and Newland, Alison, lot 99 section III Hollymead - 1755 Tinker’s Cove Road, consideration $282,000, tax value $248,800.

» Kalemba-Sliwinski, Barbara and Sliwinski, Krzysztof to 254 Lakeview Drive LLC, parcel A Four Seasons patio house section - 254 Lakeview Drive, consideration $625,000, tax value $409,700.

» Pfund, Kurt and Pfund, Janice to Sheriff, William Alan and Sheriff, Kathryn Manning, lot 42A block N Neighborhood Willowbend Forest Lakes South - 1017 Bristlecone Lane, consideration $268,000, tax value $277,900.

» Hoffman, Adria R. to Nissen, Sarah T., Riverbend Condominiums - 260 Riverbend Drive, #3X, consideration $185,000, tax value $161,300.

» Hadley, Steven G. and Hadley, Carolyn M. to Witteman, Mark H. and Witteman, Lisa M., lot 44 section C Stonegate at Western Ridge subdivision - 5599 Stonegate Lane, Crozet, consideration $410,000, tax value $161,500.

» Morris, Dennis C. and Morris, Susan C.L. to Hite, Dallas W., II and Hits, Casity N., 5.4 acres lot 2 - Break Heart Road, Crozet, consideration $125,000, tax value $132,000.

» Petrovits, Terri A. to Calary, Charles William Crispens, Jr. and Calary, Pamela Miller, lot 1 section 2 Hollymead subdivision - 3001 Hollymead Drive, and use of the existing parking lot, consideration $495,000, tax value $1,071,400.

» Hasan, Farhad and Sullivani, Baidaa fka Mohammed, Baidaa to Williams, Jeanne Ann, trustee, lot 19 Neighborhood Springridge Forest Lakes subdivision - 3136 Turnberry Circle, consideration $465,000, tax value $400,900.

» Southern Property LLC to Lancaster, Keith A. and Lancaster, Kristen W., a one-half undivided interest and to Hebert, Paul G., a one-half undivided interest in lot 26 block 18 East Village Old Trail subdivision - 3334 Rowcross Street, Crozet, consideration $488,900, tax value $540,400.

» Reinicke, Johanna F. and Reinicke, Carey M. to North, Mary, lot 111 phase 1 section B Lake Reynovia subdivision - 1605 Reynovia Drive, consideration $255,000, tax value $261,800.

» Bendahan, David R. and Bendahan, Erin C. to Drolshagen, Jonathan, lot 91 section II Peacock Hill subdivision - 267 Turkey Ridge Road, consideration $390,000, tax value $364,000.

» Swartout, Adam M. and Swartout, Elizabeth A. to Minutello, Robert Joseph and Minutello, Patti A., lot 9 section Q2 phase 2 Glenmore subdivision - 1720 Downing Court, Keswick, consideration $995,000, tax value $884,700.


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