Watch this Oklahoma State Trooper attempting to wrangle in a cow from the side of the highway. On June 4, trooper Steve Meredith responded to a cattle call on US Route 59 in Adair County and attempted to get the beast under control. In the video, Steve can be seen using a lasso he retrieved from the trunk of his car to restrain the marauding cow. He successfully snags the animal, rolling across the ground in the effort. The bothersome bovine fights back though, pulling him along, and even dragging him to the ground at one point. "He just got jerked down," laughed the trooper recording the video. "He's getting dragged around." He added: "He's going to have to change uniforms tonight." However, Steve was able to get a handle on the cow and rein it in with no damage done. "He was successful in roping the cow!," said a rep for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. "And the cow was not harmed." The cow had escaped from a nearby field and wandered onto the highway. Its owner was notified, and they were able to come and pick it up.

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