2020 Budget

Despite a national pandemic, budget work continues.

Last week, the Madison County School Board approved its fiscal year 2021 budget. The approximately $20.8 million budget includes a 2 percent raise for employees, approximately $68,000 of which is covered by state funding; a 6 percent increase for bus drivers; a reduction in one full time employee and the accompanying cosmetology program; a slight increase in VRS rates; and funding for middle school sports.

Intitually, the budget requested an approximately $728,000 increase in local funding. However, after some changes, including dropping one bus from the purchase list and decreasing maintenance and technology funding, the budget now requests $557,247 in new local funding for a total local contribution of approximately $10 million, up from the current year’s contribution of approximately $9.5 million.

The increased request is largely due to a drop in state funding. While state sales tax revenue for the school division will increase by approximately $153,000, other state funding decreased by approximately $346,000. Federal funds increased a mere $16,000 and other funds, which include rebates and refunds, decreased by approximately $653,000.

The budget was approved 5-0 and sent to supervisors.

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