My father served the State of Virginia in the House of Delegates for 30 years.  His constituents’ concerns were always his priority.  

Recently, I drove him to the area where AT&T (Velocitel) is considering erecting a 199-foot cellular tower.  As we stood and looked at the beauty of our county, a hang glider zigged and zagged majestically across the mountainside.  

My father is a man of few words.  After a long pause, he turned to me and said: “Putting a cell tower in that spot would be a stab in Greene County’s heart; there has to be a less conspicuous location.”

Eight other property owners on Dyke Road have agreed to having the cell tower on their property and AT&T has their information.  To my knowledge, AT&T has not investigated these eight locations.

 I believe it is time for all of Greene County to come together to provide safety on our roads for emergency services  while protecting our county’s biggest asset, our picturesque scenes  that people travel from all over to see.

Kendall Tata


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