Happily, the inferences the “mainstream media” hoped would frighten viewers, are unsupported fears. Recent Greene County Record letters expressed frustration with U.S. President Donald Trump’s coronavirus actions, one depending on a presentation by “60 Minutes,” the other on past words from Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). The writers were led to believe President Trump was “not doing his job.”

First, “60 Minutes” convinced a writer that Trump simply ignored clear warnings from China. Actually in late December 2019, the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) reported there was a disease outbreak in China, but lauded the Chinese government’s steps to contain it.

In mid-January, WHO reported the disease was not passed human to human. And on Jan. 12 Dr. Anthony Fauci said the virus wasn’t passed human to human, believing the WHO. On Jan. 29, WHO, after meeting Chinese President Xi, reported China was skillfully, transparently dealing with it.

In fact, China refused to allow American health experts into China and refused to convey the virus’s genome structure to foreign countries, a step necessary to develop vaccines. China restricted in-country travel but permitted international travel unabated, spreading the virus worldwide. When President Trump overruled his advisers and closed travel from China, WHO criticized travel restrictions. On Feb. 21, WHO credited China with “giving the world a fighting chance against the virus.”

Fauci said Jan. 26 that the virus was “a very, very low risk to the United States,” adding on March 9 that “healthy Americans” were at low risk. Former Vice President Joe Biden, criticized Trump’s travel ban as xenophobic and racist, while Cuomo, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NY) and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), all told constituents to continue life as usual as late as mid-March.

Despite this false advice, President Trump did his job masterfully, setting up the coronavirus task force only days after the first American case in January. Vice President Mike Pence had the position to force compliance by all agencies and industry as chair of the task force. Trump moved aside regulations preventing an effective national response, engaged the full executive branch and private industry to produce near miraculous federal delivery of medical supplies and personnel—all prioritized and directed as governors requested to places in highest need. Heeding medical advice, he set aside politics to shut down the economy as part of a massive national mitigation operation, saving many lives. Trump and the task force conversed almost daily with governors to assess and respond to changing needs. Trump has said that away from the press, governors have been highly appreciative.

On April 16, Trump’s task force released guidance for reopening state economies safely with strong federal support. Today, the task force is implementing comprehensive testing nationwide and devising economic measures to restore a vibrant economy safely while Pelosi keeps the House of Delegates away from constructive bi-partisan work.

One writer reacted to Cuomo saying some states need more, some less, saying, “If Trump would stop watching so much television, and do his job, he might know better what was going on.” From that the writer concluded, “We need centralized leadership to deliver them fairly, based on need, rather than political favors.”

Good news! Trump has always been doing his job exactly as the writers wished he would, with no evidence of “political favors.” The writers’ misunderstandings come from expecting truthful information from Democratic politicians and the mainstream media, not recognizing their overweening political agenda.

Bert Nye


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