At no time have residents in Greene County been at risk by untrained people working in the Greene County Emergency Communications Center, Sheriff Steve Smith said last week.

The issue was raised by a resident who asked both the county and the sheriff’s office for hiring and training dates, work schedules and names, dates and times staff worked. When the Sheriff’s Office denied the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request because of those are items except based on personnel records, Matthew Strauss wrote a letter to the editor disagreeing with the take.

“We cannot give that information out,” Smith said.

Virginia State Code 2.2-3705.1 first chapter notes “personnel information concerning identifiable individuals” is exempt, except to that person or if that person waives the right to withhold.

Giving names and work schedules would identify the persons, therefore it is exempt, Smith said. He said certificates of training could be given but names would need to be blackened out.

“There has always been adequate staffing in the ECC,” Smith said. “At no time has it ever been unsafe for the community.”

He said the only time uncertified people are working in the ECC is when they’re training with a certified trainer.

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