The Greene County School board met Wednesday, July 8 to discuss the 2020-2021 school reopening plan, after press time.

Highlights of the drafted plan were sent out to parents ahead of the regularly scheduled meeting and were put together by two task forces, one with focus on instruction and the other on operational procedures. Two options were presented to the board: option one features mainly in-person learning with middle and high school students utilizing a combination of in-school learning and at-home virtual activities while primary and elementary students return to in-person learning full time, albeit with social distancing measures in place. The second option would have all students following a modified distance learning model with two days in school and two at home each week.

The plan goes into great detail about the problems and considerations for each population of students, including those with limited access to internet and those with special education needs. The details of distancing measures are also thoughtfully outlined and presented to cover entry and exit procedures, maintaining distancing within classrooms and during lunch periods, transportation challenges and limited extracurricular activities.

In all options, parents of students K-12 will have the option to elect for all-virtual learning, which is currently being developed and will not be the same as the continuity plans put together during the spring semester. All students will have access to virtual office hours and services through the school, with special considerations for those with the greatest needs.

The board also addressed plans for deploying 100 WiFi hotspots through the county based on student need as well as in some community areas, and outlined processes for instructing parents and families about the virtual learning options and procedures.

Aug. 18 was proposed as the starting date for the fall semester.

Additional information about return to school planning will be described in detail next week following the board meeting and vote on the drafted plan.

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