Dining out is a way of life in Charlottesville. Whether the locals are sampling cuisine from a far-flung locale, or basking in the homegrown goodness of local fare, restaurant hopping is an obsession. This section is dedicated to celebrating the establishments that fuel our passion. Charlottesville’s restaurant scene is blessed with more options than a town this size should have; Asian, Continental, French, Italian, Southern, Indian and Himalayan are all staples of the scene.
We’re a lucky bunch.
For the second iteration of our dining guide, called “Essentials,” we went straight to the source. We asked industry professionals to give us their local favorites. We reached out to an array of foodies, from chefs, to sous-chefs, bakers, bartenders, brewers, general managers and servers, and ended up with a long list of must-dos. The next time you feel the need to live it up, whether it is to celebrate an achievement or to enjoy a meal with your loved ones, turn to the experts featured here. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite in the process. The beauty of this section is that you can only find its contents in Charlottesville.

—Richard Alblas Special Sections Editor

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