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How to Cook a Turkey: Pint-sized chefs spill the beans, and everything else

How to Cook a Turkey: Pint-sized chefs spill the beans, and everything else

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2020. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the guest list is different. Thanks to empty shelves, the menu may not look quite the same.

But thanks to our friends at Bright Beginnings Preschool, one of our Thanksgiving traditions is proceeding as scheduled. There’s no need to go it alone in the kitchen or dial up a turkey hotline for help. See this most unusual year’s holiday through their eyes and enjoy the belly laugh you’ve been needing for months.

Children pay a lot more attention to what we do than we often realize, and although the hard work you’ve been doing year in and year out to make Thanksgiving special may be difficult to recognize at first through their lenses, know deep down that you’re helping them build treasured memories.

So, whether you’re cooking your turkey for 10 minutes or 16 years, take heart and celebrate the Thanksgiving we have. Although this Turkey Day may look different, your children will be a little taller and a little older this time next year, so savor every moment, every sprinkle and every worm.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. And, as Logan kindly reminds us, share it with everyone in the world.

At Forest Lakes

Cheetahs (Pre-kindergarten):

Logan: You put the turkey in the bowl. You put it in the oven at 1,000 degrees and cook the turkey for 5 minutes. Put salt and pepper on the turkey and add mashed potatoes inside the turkey. Then cut up the turkey and share with everyone in the world.

Shelby: Put the turkey on a cutting board. Add salt and pepper. Then add chicken nuggets and more salt. Put it in the oven and turn the oven on cold. Cook the turkey for 16 years then take it out of the oven and split it with the family.

Avery: Put the turkey in the oven on a recipe pan. Add salt, butter, and potatoes. Rub spicy sauce on the turkey and cook it at 10 degrees for 10 minutes. Take it out of the oven, cut the turkey up, put it on places, and share it with my family.

Claritie: Put the turkey on a pan, add salt, chicken, and strawberries. Cook the turkey on the stove on high heat for 50 minutes. Take it off the stove and put on the place to cut it up and eat.

Chloe: Put the turkey in a bird nest. Put it on a tree and keep it on the tree for 5 days. Take it home, add broccoli, chicken, and sprinkles. Put the turkey in the oven and cook on low heat for 5 days. Take it out of the oven, put it in the microwave and cook for 5 seconds. Take it out of the microwave and eat it with your hands!

Ollie: Open the turkey. Put spices, syrup, pancakes, and waffles in. Put it in the fryer for 160 minutes. Take it out of the fryer, cut it up, and eat!

Penny: Put it on the counter, add cheese, pizza, corn, candy bars, and salt. Put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Put it on a plate and eat it!

Myles: Put the turkey on a pan. Put salt on the turkey. Add seasoning, more salt, and fruit loops. Put it in the oven on very low heat for 20 minutes then eat it with a fork.

Emma: Put the turkey on a board. Put salt and pepper. Add lettuce, pumpkin soup, and eggs. Cook it in the microwave for 10 minutes, then cut the turkey and share!

Tigers (3-year-olds):

Eva: Buy turkey, put in, put salt, then French Fries, more salt. Add watermelon and more salt. Add milk and more salt. Then add a waffle and salt. Cook on high, heat for 100 days. Take him out of the pot, put on plate. Then eat with milk.

Chase: You need milk, cheese, watermelon, salt, French fries and sprinkles. Put in a big pan and cook. I don’t know how long; 29, is that okay? Then put on plate and everyone can eat. I like turkey and milk.

Sydney: Put in a pan. It is hot. Put water on top. Cook all day. Eat bread and drink juice.

Nyla: Buy at the store. Put it in a big blue pan and flip it over. Put on some sprinkles. Add salt put water and milk. If the oven is hot, put in a pan and cook 5 minutes. Then eat on your plate. Drink juice.

Lyra: When cold you cook it in the oven. It will get hot. Ask my mom what to do. I don’t know. I like oranges.

Liz: Cook with water on the stove. Put in a pan with tomatoes, then eat.

Miles: In the pan or pot. Put salt, sprinkles, and big strawberries on the top. Put turkey. Go in the stove and cook. The stove is hot. Cook 40 minutes, drink cold water because it is very hot. I can eat all up!

David: Bake in oven. It is hot. Then make a sandwich with turkey, with cream cheese and bread. Then eat, it is good.

James: Go outside and find a turkey. Bring it in your house. Then put it in a pot, then into the oven. Put a top on the pot. It will cook for 5 hours. Then you can eat. It won’t be hot.

Connor: Put it in the oven in a big pan. A lot of salt and pepper. Then cook 50 minutes. Make a big sandwich.

Logan: Get a pan with water, salt. Put turkey on the top. A lot of stuff and more salt. Cook one day and eat.

Lucas: Buy the turkey. Cook in oven. Make it hot. Put things on top; salt, pepper. Cook all day. Put it in a bowl and eat. I eat turkey at school.

Georgia: I like turkey. Eat it hot. Cook all day in the oven with cheese. I like grapes and juice.

Elephants (2-year-olds):

Will: I don’t eat turkey. Mommy cooks ham in the microwave.

Ollie: Mommy cooks the turkey in the oven.

Stella: Mommy cooks the turkey in the oven with green sprinkles in it!

Amelia: Daddy cooks the turkey on the stove.

Charlotte: Daddy cooks the turkey at work and brings me applesauce.

Ronald: Mommy cooks the turkey in the kitchen

Saoirse: Mommy cooks turkey for dinner. I eat with mommy.

MacKenzie: Mommy and daddy cook the turkey in the bathroom and I eat noodles for dinner.

Liam: Mommy cooks the turkey on the stove. She is going to make pancakes and peanut butter and jelly because the turkey is frozen. I eat potatoes and corn with the turkey.

Lenna: Mrs. Sarah cooks the turkey at home. She cooks it in the sugar. I eat chicken and french fries.

Tommy: Daddy cooks the turkey in the car. I eat it and potatoes!

In CrozetSchool-Age:

Cam: Heat up the oven and put lemons inside the turkey. Then it will get crispy. Put water in it to clean it and then smash a cake on it and every candy in the world to make it taste better.

Mila: I would cook it with my dad or mom. We will put pepper, gravy and ketchup on it. Then put peppers inside the turkey. Then put it in the fire, then take it out and gobble it up!

Josie: I will cook it with my mom, we will put it in the oven. Then we will put gravy on it and eat it!

Lillian: I will make it with my mom. First, we will add barbecue sauce outside and marshmallows fluff inside! Then bake it and eat it and throw away the big bone.

Zebras (Pre-kindergarten):

Beau: I would cook it on the grill with daddy. He has a big grill at home. You use chocolate to start it.

Rhys: I cook a turkey with fish! You can mix up butter and fish and then add worms. When it is done mixing you put in sugar and peanut butter. Then you put it in the turkey and eat it.

Greyson: I would cook it with mom in the oven. You put it in a frying pan. I eat pizza and french toast with the turkey. Santa makes everything he gives today.

Lillie: I cook it with momma. I eat the turkey with a peanut butter sandwich for supper. I eat it with my mom, dad, and Bo.

Eli: You cook a turkey in the oven. I put a fish in it, and I guard the eyeball with the turkey in the box. I’ve never done that but tomorrow I will!

Lydia: I put the turkey in water until it gets wet. Then I put two necklaces on it. Then I would eat the necklaces and the meat in it. That’s the rest!

Wilson: I would put a campfire on his head and burn it that would make him so cold tomorrow. I would put it in a microwave with a turkey stuffed animal. I would cook it with Ms. Madeline with a PJ mask on.

Melian: I would grill it with a glove. I would cook it with daddy. We eat it with caramel sauce and ham. I don’t like fish.

Zara: We cook the turkey in an oven with honey. I put on sprinkles. Then we eat it with chocolate. Then I set the timer and put on Christmas decorations.

Mia: I would cook it in the fridge. We put meat in it then we eat it and then we play with toys.

Ben: I cook the turkey in the oven. I would cook it with my mom, my dad, and my sister. I would cook chicken nuggets and fish sticks with the turkey.

Evie: I don’t know how to cook a turkey. I don’t even like turkey. My mom and dad don’t either.

Deniz: I don’t know. We don’t eat turkey!

Tigers (3-year-olds):

Mason: Cover the turkey with sugar and then put it up in the trees.

Amelia: Spin the turkey and then just eat it.

Quinn: Shake the Cherokee up and down.

Noelle: You just pinch the turkey

AJ: Twirl it around put it in the oven and that’s it.

Elle: Put it on the grill and then eat it.

Oliver: Paint the turkey red and pink and then it turns brown and when is done.

Tyler: You just smack it!

Tucker: You cook it just like a fish!

Plum: You put it in the freezer.

Olivia: Cut the turkey then put it in the fridge.

Monkeys (2-year-olds):

Julia: You put cinnamon on it and bacon…and candy in the turkey.

Ezra: You get it in the store. You put puppies in it and cook it.

Sloane: You put chicken in it.

Mary: You put cheese in the turkey.

Audrey: With my Yaya and Mami. They come to pick me up and go to the store and cook it.

At Mill Creek

Cheetahs (Pre-kindergarten):

Cameron: I make it with ham. I cook it with butter and jelly in the turkey. Then I put it on a sandwich and I made a pie. I think my dad will grill it. It cooks for like 8 hours or something.

Alice: I make it with vegetables and broccoli. I cook it with a pan on the stove. I cook it for 14 hours. I put some sauce in the pan and some chicken. In the turkey I put some sausage and broccoli.

Madeline: My mommy gets the turkey out of the fridge and cuts it. She doesn’t cook the turkey she just leaves it cold and puts it in the microwave. When the microwave beeps then you know it’s done. Our family comes over and we celebrate each other.

Kayla: My daddy is going to get a fork and cut it. He puts the turkey in the oven for 5 minutes. He puts some milk in it and grapes and some water. He has to have a spoon to mix it up.

Graycen: I get the turkey from the stove then I will make it like chicken. I put it in the oven. It cooks for 5 hours. I put lemon in the turkey. There is salt on the turkey.

Isla: The turkey goes on a pot that’s hot and on a pan. And also on a very, very hot thing I can’t remember what it is. I don’t put anything in the turkey. I never thought of that before. In my pot, it cooks for 14 minutes and in my pan it’s 19 minutes. I know it’s done when it says, “You’re done, you’re done!

Tigers (3-year-olds):

Ben: I cut it up and put it in a pot. That’s how I cook it. I put bread, turkey, cheese, and roast beef in it. I cook it three minutes!

Maxine: I cut it and put it in the oven. Salt in the turkey and tomatoes. I keep it until it’s good and then I eat it.

Jaclyn: I put it in the oven. I cook it 4 minutes. Just 1 actually!

Jax: Mommy cooks the turkey. She cooks it for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 hours.

Wyatt: 5 hours. I put it in the soup that makes it hot. I make two turkeys with crackers and cheese.

Sam: I put it in the pot. I put a green bean in it. I cook it 1 hour.

Elephants (2-year-olds):

Evelyn: I put gloves on first then I put the turkey in the oven.

Jaden: I put the turkey on the stove.

Carter K: I cook the turkey in the oven.

Carter B: I would wash it.

Hunter: I wash the turkey with my puppy.

Orion: I take it outside first.

Olivia: I put it in the microwave.

Banks: I would put sugar on it first.

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