• “Snaps from My Home,” an online Second Street Gallery exhibition curated by Stacey Evans and Kristen Chiacchia, explores what happens when quarantined artists take a closer look at their surroundings and observe the concept of home from a new perspective.

The exhibition is inspired by artist David Hockney’s 1990 photo series “40 Snaps of My House.” Hockney used his first digital camera to take a good look at the environment he’d created for himself inside his Hollywood Hills home. Second Street Gallery invited local artists to give their pandemic surroundings a fresh look.

Head to virtualssg.org to see images by Bolanle Adeboye, Anna Bryant, Tim Burgess, Nina Frances Burke, Courtney Coker, Rob Craighurst, Adrienne Dent, Lindsay Heider Diamond, Aaron Eichorst, Margaret Embree, Bill Emory, Sally Eppstein, Belinda Gordon, Juan Granados, Lauren Guerra, Diana Hale, Eileen Hendrix, Anne Hooff, Jae Johnson, Roberto Kamide, Jill Kerttula, Jere Kittle, Alanna Mahon, Will May, Thomas Moore, Cary Oliva, Annie Ranjan, Jason Robinson, Isaac Russell, Lisa Ryan, Jane Skafte, Michael Snyder, Cindy Stegmeier, Steve Taylor, Derrick Waller, Emily Whiting, Rachel Z. Wilson, Steven H. Wolf, Laura Wooten and Tatiana Yavorska-Antrobius.

• "Meet an Artist: Carol McGregor" is a new Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection webinar that'll be presented at 7 p.m. Thursday.

McGregor is a Wautharuong fiber artist who explores ideas of racial discrimination, historical representation, decolonization and cultural identity in her work. She not only has researched and revived the tradition of possum skin cloaks in Queensland, but also has brought innovation to the medium.

Learn more at kluge-ruhe.org. And while you're on the website, check out Kiki's Kangaroo Kit, a collection of five activities for youngsters to explore at home.

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