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LETTER: Understanding Civics means knowing investigations continue

LETTER: Understanding Civics means knowing investigations continue

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While we live in the neighboring county, we thoroughly enjoy our subscription to the Greene County Record. With so much in common, besides our borders, it is important that we keep abreast of one another, especially when the issues go far beyond our respective boundaries.

Such is the case with your editorial, “The importance of Civics Education.” (April 15, 2021) It is a sorry state of affairs that so many people know so little about what was considered an extraordinarily liberal journey that our Founding Fathers set us upon over two centuries ago—a journey for which many men and women have sacrificed literally all. While my children are well beyond school age, we still care deeply about the level of understanding of the “now” children. Civics has been on my “nag” list since we first moved here—and will be on that list as long as I live. Contact has been made repeatedly with legislators, a Chairman of the State Department of Education (former neighbor and friend), and the schools themselves—from my perspective—to little avail.

Yes, we have warts as a nation. Find me one that does not. We also have astonishing successes of which we can rightfully be proud. And with freedom, we have the capability to correct our mistakes, or at least improve upon them. Knowledge is indeed power, and if we are empowered, we can be effective—one citizen, many citizens, entire states can all do their part.

I do, however, take issue with one portion of the editorial, to wit: “baseless claims challenging the integrity of the presidential election.” I must have missed a court that actually held an evidentiary hearing, and would love to know when and where that occurred. And why did I come across an article about still another lawsuit, filed recently, entitled “Michigan Lawsuit Shows Evidence of Election Fraud, Electronic Voter Tampering,” dated April 12, 2021? It is apparently “based off several forensic reports. These reports revealed thousands of ballots were illegally cast for Joe Biden and there was electronic manipulation of votes,” according to the article on One American News Network. Baseless? No. Not yet substantiated? Yes.

Truth, whether gentle or painful, is the strength of education, including Civics. If we continue to seek it, we will be on much more substantial ground.

Kim Smith


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