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LETTER: Congratulations to Republicans for hard work

LETTER: Congratulations to Republicans for hard work

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Virginia, one of the most beautiful commonwealths in our great nation … just got prettier. What we experienced over the last 10 months was, in the words of our great governor-elect, a movement. It was a defining moment in Virginia’s history. For the first time ever, Virginia has elected a Black woman, an immigrant, for a statewide seat. Please join me in congratulating the phenomenal Lt. Gov.-elect Mrs. Winsome Sears. From beginning to end, my observation was that Mrs. Sears was the epitome of grassroots activism. She traveled this commonwealth on a mission and by God, she completed it.

In another historical moment, the election of our Attorney General-elect, Mr. Jason Miyares, marks the first ever Latino to be elected for attorney general in Virginia. Unseating a two-term incumbent, Mr. Miyares also traveled the state promoting his support for liberty and justice in our judicial system. The pride that he touted and demonstrated for his mother, an immigrant from Cuba, was truly inspiring and deserves respect from all.

The results from these two elections demonstrate the momentum and the push from our BIG TENT PARTY. This is a turning point for Republicans and hopefully for the rest of the country. When I ran for the honorable seat as chairman of the Greene County Republican Committee, I ran on outreach, education, membership and unity. To now have a Black Jamaican immigrant female lieutenant governor-elect and the son of a Cuban immigrant as attorney general only shows that the majority in Greene and our commonwealth stand on those principles.

The support and belief in our BIG TENT PARTY was heard, seen and felt. Having said that, there is no better feeling in the world than telling my mixed-race daughters that they can be whatever they put their minds to. This election cycle was an indicator that common sense and decency will always win, which brings me to Mr. Glenn Youngkin, our governor-elect. He ran on his faith, his integrity and his passion to get Virginia out of the ditch. He took the blows, the hits and the nastiness with grace. He kept his promise to help the rest of those running with him down ticket. An unknown yet highly successful businessman that many doubted in the beginning went from newcomer to being touted as presidential material.

Throughout this cycle, I am proud of my committee, who participated in door knocking, phone calls, sign waves, weathering an uncomfortable convention process and standing all day out in the rain to show up for our candidates. We, as a committee, stood for our candidates that stood for that common sense and grace while also standing for liberty. As our governor-elect has said many times in his speeches, Virginia is in a ditch and we need to pull her out. Virginians stood up to the radical agenda of the left. We stood up for our children and we stood up for freedom. The momentum cannot stop here. We must keep fighting. We must maintain our grace and our integrity. We will now have a governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general who will put Virginia’s people, especially parents, first.

On a slightly more personal note, I am incredibly proud of my wife, Kimmy. From day one (Glenn called her on the day he announced) she was with Glenn. She stood up to bullies left and right throughout the primary who called Youngkin a “lark” and responded with grace and support of others’ rights to a different opinion. That takes courage, faith and patience that we should all strive for.

Stepping back, I couldn’t be prouder to have seen the hard work and effort put forth by so many right here in our beautiful commonwealth for all the elections this cycle. Notably, the Young Republicans of Virginia played an integral part in making sure that all seats had someone running in each district. Due to their efforts, we won not just the six seats we needed, but we got an extra seat. I truly hope we all take a page from the young republicans and start getting more involved.

From statewide to local elections, it appears that Virginians are sending a clear signal that conservativism, patriotism and individual freedoms remain a keystone in our commonwealth. With true appreciation, I want to thank those who didn’t win yet showed mutual respect and grace toward one another. That will be always appreciated and admired. In conclusion, I hope all Greene residents take comfort in knowing that we have leadership focused on the people—all people. We have a lot of work in front of us, but the unity, strength and energy this movement is creating means we will get to our mutual goals of a better quality of life for all Virginians quickly.

Steve Kruskamp Jr.

Chairman of the Greene County Republican Committee

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