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People will resist assault on liberty

People will resist assault on liberty

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Troubling accounts of a government scheme to trample on First Amendment liberties are being heard with alarming frequency in the news media.

There has been much said recently of reinstating the odious Fairness Doctrine to compel radio stations, through government regulation, to balance conservative radio talk show programs with other points of view. Think of that; the government will be able to control the political content of radio broadcasts.

Plans are being studied to extend this liberal plan of thought censorship to the Internet. While the tyrannical motivation of those who wish to use the coercive force of government to silence political opposition is plain enough, what may not be as readily discerned are the sinister ends to which this power grab may be used.

I wonder if religious broadcasters would be required to carry programs with an opposite point of view. Would our kindly masters demand a radio Bible study program be followed by a message on modern witchcraft for balance?

Oh no, not here in America. Don’t think so? If we submit to the naked taking of some First Amendment liberty, the ruling class will rob us of still more, by force if necessary, be they Democrat or Republican.

When will this assault on our God-given liberty beget a spirit of Concord, Lexington and Bunker Hill? If the radicals suppose the descendants of a bloody revolution will tamely submit to political censorship or religious oppression, they do err in their judgments.

We will resist, yes resist and strive powerfully to defend our ancient liberty wrested from a dreadful foe and enshrined in our Constitution by courageous men. We will suffer no tyrant, no dictatorship, no politburo, and have no king but King Jesus!

Ron Jackson


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