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America the brave

America the brave

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We never thought we’d see the day when hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Americans, would take to the streets to protest against a president they loathe. But it’s happening. We’ve never seen citizens from all over the world gathering in masses to protest, in solidarity with Americans, an American president they’re scared of.

Washington, we have a problem. Americans brought Donald Trump to power. Americans voted him into the Oval Office, giving him the reins of civilization – for whatever reason. Far be it for me to question anyone’s right to vote the way they choose, but we have a problem.

We’ve all seen the signs of debauchery, egomania and narcissism in this character. This in itself would be aggravating but not, in my opinion, intrinsically dangerous except when it’s coupled with his lust for power. We’ve seen that in his grasping for complete control of all factions of government, first by stripping them of policies he disagrees with through Executive Order, and attempting to surround himself with like-minded cronies to carry out his bidding and will have the power to impress upon America their own traits of fascism, racism and ignorance.

They’ve tried to gag the press. Isn’t that the first step towards dictatorship? They’ve tried prohibiting scientists from sharing their findings on global warming with the public. They have installed people who vow to destroy women’s rights. All males! Our environment is in the hands of ignorance. Immigration is in a shambles with the unconstitutional detention of legal immigrants. Who’s next? Naturalized citizens? Jews? Years of foreign policy is being dismantled – except, we’ve heard, in countries where Donald Trump does business. And don’t forget the Russian affair.

The opposition is hamstrung. The character of our country is being usurped. It looks bleak.

But it’s not. I will not turn my country over to certain deterioration, and neither must you. If the opposition lacks leadership, we the people must lead and stop this tin-pot, wannabe dictator or allow America to be dictated to for the first time in its history. Hell no! An overt attempt is being made to rule by fear and hate mongering. We hear that these decisions are made “For our safety.” We’re already safe. But for how long.

This is the Land of the Brave, remember? You’re brave people who love this country as I do. Let’s stand for freedom in a way we’ve never done before. We must march, write letters, go to Washington. We must stand for the compassion, generosity and inclusivity that are the hallmarks of America. We must give refuge to frightened people who have none.

If we don’t, I’m reminded of the final scene in an old movie: A man and a woman on a beach, staring at the hand of Liberty – all that remains of the statue, sticking out of the rubble of New York. One says, “Damn! They finally did it! Ahh! ... They finally did it”

We are strong, we are decent; we will never surrender to tyranny. 

Ginny Brock, author of several non-fiction books, and full time writer, is a long time resident of Smith Mountain Lake.

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