VIRGINIA: IN THE GREENE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT DAVID DEAN & CALLAO, LLC Petitoners, v. Case No: CL20000975-00 ANGELA TALIEFARRO, et al. Resnpondents. ORDER OF PUBLICATION In this suit, the Petitioners, David Dean and Callao, LLC, are asking the Court to Order that the Petitioners are the fee simple owner of the subject real property outlined in the suit, and for other relief related to decreeing the Petitioners access and use of a subject right of way as set forth in the Complaint filed in this case. The subject real property is located in Greene County, Virginia, and is more particularly described as follows: Land parcel located in Greene County, Virginia known by its Tax Map ID No. Parcel No. 53-7-4 and 53-7-4A containing 5.5 acres, more of less with a physical address of 184 Porter Place, Barboursville, Virginia 22923. It appears that there are or may be persons interested in the subject matter of this suit whose names and/or addresses are unknown, namely the widows, widowers, heirs, devises and successors in title to ANGELA TALIEFARRO, ANTHONY PHILLIPS, CAROLYN SLAUGHTER, DARRYL PHILLIPS, DORTHEA BUCKNER, EUGENE DIXON, GWENDOLYN BASILICO, JAMES EDWARD, JEANETTE JACKSON, KEVIN MIDGETT, LINDA DIXON, LUCRETIA HARRIS, MARIE JACKSON, MELISSA WHITE, MICHAEL HAMEEN, OTHELIA BROCK, RONALD BUCKNER, SHARRON CARTER, SHIRLEY JACKSON, THOMAS JACKSON, TRACEY BUCKNER, VALARIE DIXON, THERESA A. GRAVES, NANCY FLORENCE and the unknown heirs, if there be any, of ETHEL L. COLBERT, and the unknown heirs, if there be any, of BEN BUCKNER, and who are made respondents by the general description "unknown heirs" or "unknown party", it is therefore, ADJUDGED, ORDERED, and DECREED, that the said Respondents, namely, the persons made defendants by the general description of "Unknown Heirs of Ethel L. Colbert," "Unknown Heirs of Ben Buckner," or "Unknown Heirs," or "Unknown Party," do appear before April12, 2021 at 1:30 P.M. and do what is necessary to protect their interests; and IT FURTHER ORDERED that pursuant to the Code of Virginia, 1950, § 8.01-317, as amended, that this Order of Publication may be posted to and provided to the general public via electronic notice that is reasonably calculated, under all circumstances, to apprise interested parties of the pendency of the action and afford them the opportunity to present their objections, namely on the website known as the Daily Progress or Greene County Record and additionally posted physically at the Circuit Court itself; it is IT FURTHER ORDERED that the Court hereby dispenses such publication in a newspaper as the order as entered herein provides appropriate electronic notice to the interested parties, and notice via posting at the Greene County Circuit Court, and permits the same to make their objections without the necessity of publishing the notice in newspaper form. Entered this 19th day of January, 2021. Claude V. Worrell JUDGE I ASK FOR THIS: ASHWELL & ASHWELL, PLLC By: William D. Ashwell, Esq. VSB No. 83131 21 Culpeper Street Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Telephone: (540) 991-9100 Facsimile: (571) 762-1310 Counsel for Petitioners



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