NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Charlottesville Planning Commission and City Council will hold a Joint Public Hearing on Tuesday March 9, 2021 beginning at 6:00 p.m. During the local state of emergency related to the Coronavirus (COVID¬19), City Hall and City Council Chambers are closed to the public and meetings are being conducted virtually via a Zoom webinar. The webinar is broadcast on Comcast Channel 10 and on all the City's streaming platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, and Public hearings and other matters from the public will be heard via the Zoom webinar which requires advanced registration here: . You may also participate via telephone and a number is provided with the Zoom registration or by contacting staff at 434-970-3182 to ask for the dial in number for each meeting. 1. CP21-00002: Comprehensive Plan Amendment Starr Hill Neighborhood Community Vision Plan: The Planning Commission and City Council will jointly conduct a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the 2013 Comprehensive Plan, to include the contents of the Starr Hill Neighborhood Community Vision Plan as prepared by New Hill Development Corporation. The purpose of the Starr Hill Neighborhood Community Vision Plan is to set a conceptual vision for the Starr Hill Neighborhood and surrounding areas to be utilized as a guide for development within the Study Area, consisting of approximately 48 acres. This Vision Plan focuses on community vision and opportunity areas with three main areas of focus: City Yard, Starr Hill Residential Neighborhood and Jefferson School and Adjacent Arterial Streets. Market analysis information is included in the appendix for the Starr Hill Neighborhood and surrounding areas. The area included within this Community Vision Plan is bounded by Preston Avenue on the north, Ridge/McIntire to the east, the CSX railroad tracks to the south, and Norfolk Southern railroad tracks to the west. A map showing the general or approximate boundaries of the area can be found on page 52 of the Starr Hill Neighborhood Vision Plan document, which may be viewed at Following the joint public hearing, the Planning Commission may approve, amend and approve, or disapprove the Vision Plan, in whole or in part; upon approval, the Planning Commission shall by resolution, recommend the Vision Plan, or part thereof, to the City Council. 2. SP21-00001 - Harris Street Apartments 1221, 1223 and 1225 Harris Street - Landowner Cville Business Park, LLC is requesting an amendment of a previously-issued Special Use Permit (SUP). Pursuant to City Code Sec. 34-457(b)(5) the amended SUP would authorize a specific mixed-use development (residential apartments ("multifamily dwellings") combined with commercial uses) on property located at 1221, 1223, and 1225 Harris Street (together, the "Subject Property"). The Subject Property has approximately 345 feet of frontage on Harris Street, and is further identified on City Real Property Tax Map 34 as Parcels 90B, 90C and 90.1 (City Real Estate Parcel IDs 340090B00, 340090C00, and 340090100), and has a total area of approximately 2.446 acres. The Subject Property is zoned Industrial Corridor (IC), with a Special Use Permit previously approved to allow a mixed use building with up to 105 dwelling units and a total site density of 43 DUA. The project proposed by the applicant is a 6-story mixed-use building, containing ground floor commercial space (approx. 7 percent of the building SF), and up to 120 residential dwelling units above the ground floor (up to 50 DUA), and internal parking. In the IC zoning district, mixed use buildings are allowed by-right, up to a height of 4 stories, with residential density up to 21 dwelling units per acre (DUA). Multifamily residential dwelling units are allowed only as part of a mixed-use building or development, and if residential density exceeds 21 DUA an SUP is required. The Comprehensive Land Use Map for this area calls for Business and Technology, and no density range for residential use is specified by the Comprehensive Plan. Information pertaining to this application may be viewed online at Minutes or obtained from the Department of Neighborhood Development Services, 2nd Floor of City Hall, 610 East Main Street. Persons interested in this Comprehensive Plan Amendment request may contact NDS Planner Brian Haluska by e-mail ( or by telephone (434-970-3186). Charlottesville City Council and the Charlottesville Planning Commission will jointly conduct public hearings to receive public comment on the above-referenced applications. Each application and related materials are available for inspection viewed online (at least 5 days before the meeting) at Please contact Neighborhood Development Services at 434-970-3182 with any questions.



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