NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Charlottesville Planning Commission and City Council will hold a Joint Public Hearing on Thursday October 21, 2021 beginning at 6:00 p.m. During the local state of emergency related to the Coronavirus (COVID¬19), City Hall and City Council Chambers are closed to the public and meetings are being conducted virtually via a Zoom webinar. The webinar is broadcast on Comcast Channel 10 and on all the City's streaming platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, and Public hearings and other matters from the public will be heard via the Zoom webinar which requires advanced registration here: You may also participate via telephone and a number is provided with the Zoom registration or by contacting staff at 434-970-3182 to ask for the dial in number for each meeting. 1. ZM20-00003, SP21-00002, & P21-0023 - 1613 Grove Street Landowner Lorven Investments, LLC has submitted applications seeking a Rezoning, a Special Use Permit, and a Critical Slope Waiver for approximately 0.652 acres of land, including multiple lots identified within 2021 City real estate records by Real Estate Parcel Identification Numbers 23013000, 230134000, and 230135000 (collectively, "Subject Property"). The Subject Property has frontage on Valley Road Extended and the unimproved section of Grove Street Extended. The applications propose to change the zoning district classification of the Subject Property from R-2 (Residential Two-Family) to R-3 (Residential Multifamily Medium Density) subject to certain proffered development conditions ("Proffers") and development plan. The Proffers include: (1) prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the seventh (7th) dwelling on the Subject Property, the Owner shall contribute Forty-Eight Thousand Dollars ($48,000.00) to the City as a cash contribution to support the City's construction of pedestrian improvements within the Fifeville Neighborhood, and (2) twenty-eight percent (28%) of all dwellings constructed onsite shall be affordable units (AUs), as follows: 14% will be for-rent such that the monthly cost of rent, including tenant paid utilities, does not exceed 125% of the Fair Market Rent (FMR) established by HUD by unit bedrooms for the Charlottesville MSA ,and 14% will be for rent AUs such that the monthly cost of rent, including any tenant paid utilities, does not exceed the FMR by unit bedrooms for the Charlottesville MSA. All of the required AUs shall be reserved as such throughout a period of at least 10 years from the date on which the unit receives a certificate of occupancy. The proposed development plan indicates restoration of a portion of Rock Creek that runs through the Subject Property. The Special Use Permit application seeks to increase allowed density from 21 Dwelling Units per Acre (DUA), or 13.692 units within the Subject Property, up to 43 DUA, or 28.026 units, per, City Code Sec. 34-420 (Use Matrix, R-3 District). The proposed development consists of four apartment (multifamily dwelling) buildings with (4) one-bedroom units and (24) two-bedroom units. The total number of units would not exceed (28) units. The Comprehensive Land Use Map for this area calls for Low Density Residential. The proposed development calls for disturbance of land within a Critical Slopes area, so a waiver is requested per City Code Sec. 34-1120(b)(6). Information pertaining to this application may be viewed online at Persons interested in the Rezoning, Special Use Permit or Critical Slopes applications may contact NDS Planner Matt Alfele by e-mail ( or by telephone (434-970-3636). Charlottesville City Council and the Charlottesville Planning Commission will jointly conduct public hearings to receive public comment on the above-referenced applications. Each application and related materials are available for inspection viewed online (at least 5 days before the meeting) at Please contact Neighborhood Development Services at 434-970-3182 with any questions.



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