Details for LEGAL AD The Albemarle County Board of Zoning Appeals will


LEGAL AD The Albemarle County Board of Zoning Appeals will conduct an electronic public hearing on December 1, 2020 at 2:00 PM to consider the following: PROJECT: VA2020-00001 Corbett Agricultural Barn {Sign#12} APPLICANT: Michael S Corbett SUBJECT PROPERTY: PARCEL ID: 06900-00-00-020C0, 5.00 acres LOCATION: 8979 Dick Woods Road MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: White Hall ZONING: Rural Areas (RA) OVERLAY DISTRICT: Steep Slopes PROPOSAL: The Applicant is requesting a 39-foot variance from the required 75-foot front setback to allow a barn to be located 36 feet from the public street right of way. PROJECT: AP2020-00003 North Pointe PDMC Development {Sign#17 & 18} APPELLANT: Stewart Wright SUBJECT PROPERTY: PARCEL ID: 03200-00-00-02000, 03200-00-00-020A0, 03200-00-00-020A1, 03200-00-00-020A2, 03200-00-00-020A3, 03200-00-00-022H0, 03200-00-00-022K0, 03200-00-00-02300, 03200-00-00-023A0, 03200-00-00-023B0, 03200-00-00-023C0, 03200-00-00-023D0, 03200-00-00-023E0, 03200-00-00-023F0, 03200-00-00-023G0, 03200-00-00-023H0, 03200-00-00-023J0, and 03200-00-00-029I0. LOCATION: The property is part of the more extensive North Pointe Development which includes parcels that front along Seminole Trail (US Route 29N) and Pritchett Lane (State Route 785). MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: Rivanna ZONING: Planned Development Mixed Commercial (PDMC) OVERLAY DISTRICT: Entrance Corridor, Steep Slopes, Flood Hazard, and Airport Impact Overlays APPEAL: The Appellant is appealing the Zoning Administrator's official determination that no violation of the conditions of SP2002-00072 was found, more specifically that the construction access points on Pritchett Lane are compliant with the zoning ordinance and condition #9 of SP2002-00072. This meeting is being held pursuant to and in compliance with Ordinance No. 20-A(14), An Ordinance to Ensure the Continuity of Government During the COVID-19 Disaster. The opportunities for the public to access and participate in the electronic meeting are posted on the Albemarle County website on the Board of Zoning Appeals home page and on the Albemarle County calendar. Participation will include the opportunity to comment on those matters for which comments from the public will be received. Comments for public hearing items can be submitted by email to or by letter addressed to Albemarle County Board of Zoning Appeals, County Office Building CDD 1st Floor, 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA, 22902. Copies of the application information may be examined at such location during business hours or online at Reasonable accommodations will be provided to persons with disabilities, if requested. For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 434-296-5832.



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